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This group is for mens who love sucking cocks!

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  1. bluecheck
    27th October 2014 01:38 PM - permalink
    this has to be one of the least user friendly sites I've seen in a long time and maybe one of the least used as well (unless I'm just on an island here in CA). Best of luck to you all, but I'm out.
  2. PervBear
    7th October 2014 11:13 PM - permalink
    Hungry cock sucking bear pig here for other hairy bears
  3. hornybttmdog
    9th September 2014 11:51 AM - permalink
    I can never get enough cock to suck around here.
  4. lisoundz
    25th July 2014 11:29 AM - permalink
    Long island here .... looking for host so we can get naked and get you off
  5. jonn3
    17th July 2014 01:03 PM - permalink
    I am with Trainnut and SilverBob - I prefer clean and fresh.

    Of course there are times when either it is the end of the day or you have been doing something physical or just it was hot that day that we all get sweaty and a bit more "ripe" and have a more "manly" smell and I sure would not say no if given the chance!

    But by choice fresh showered is great....
  6. SilverBob
    2nd July 2014 01:52 AM - permalink
    Trainnut, some guys like it funky. I'm with you, though. I prefer clean with just a little musk.
    Sure wish this forum was a little more active.
  7. trainnut
    1st July 2014 11:13 AM - permalink
    Is there some sort of rule about hygiene?
    I may really want to suck your cock but if you smell like a septic tank I'm not going down.
    How hard is it to clean up?
  8. AshleighP
    4th June 2014 04:01 PM - permalink
    Northern Virginia crossdresser looking for one or more cocks to suck and get fucked by.
  9. funinthe630
    2nd June 2014 03:03 PM - permalink
    Naperville illinois here... anyone need help...
  10. jackzx43
    30th May 2014 03:44 PM - permalink
    Glenview Il. love to meet a nice but sexually aggressive guy

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