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Outdoor Sex

Group Created by chrisgowa

In the parks, in the woods, at the beach, at the lake or your buddy's back yard. I just love outdoors sex. There doesn't have to be an audience BUT if there is an appreciative guy or two that want to join in...

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  1. rwiley
    22nd August 2013 01:36 AM - permalink
    south Arlington tx here
  2. Cumdrinker6969
    27th June 2013 02:17 AM - permalink
    If anyone's ever in shippensburg pa hit me up I'm available
  3. chrisgowa
    8th June 2013 11:16 PM - permalink
    Phoenix? Anyone? Anyone???
  4. Lakersfan247
    7th June 2013 02:16 AM - permalink
    Los Angeles looking for some hot outdoor public fun
  5. gino07109
    2nd June 2013 04:06 PM - permalink
    Northern New Jersey here
  6. ej30474
    4th May 2013 10:40 AM - permalink
    Looking for others in the San Jose CA area who are looking for some outdoor play? I am hiking today at Joseph D Grant Cty park today.
  7. wildguyzz2
    30th April 2013 04:09 PM - permalink
    anyone in pittsburgh looking to play outside?
  8. dino19502
    27th April 2013 06:47 AM - permalink
    I want to find men near Chapel Hill, NC to play at Jordan Lake. Anyone interested?
  9. stud6bi9cool
    22nd April 2013 03:17 AM - permalink
    I love to be outside for anything sexual. Sucking, fucking. Or just jerking off i don't worry much about someone watching because I actually expect and want them see me and hoping they'd like to join. I'm going to continue on with or without.
  10. dogboymanslave
    26th October 2012 06:20 PM - permalink
    I enjoy being nude in parks, toilets, mall toilets, streets, woods, rest areas, adult theaters, arcades and most important, I love to be videotaped/photoed with or without my knowledge and see it on the net. Sex with others, anonymous, and self sex with objects.

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