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I sucked off my first man when I was 15

I was w/ my Mom shopping at Sears in Downtown Bham Ala. ( no longer there). The guy next to me kept sitting there , then he started to moan. I looked thru the hole and saw him jerking off. I was about to get up and leave. He stood up and stuck his dick thru the hole. I sat back down and smelled it first, it smelled like soap. So I tasted it, then put my lips over the head. He was pre cummin pretty good. When he started cummin, I thought he was peeing in my mouth at first..I had never tasted cum, not even my own. I started to spit it out, but liked the tatse and swallowed it. I have been gettin fed by guys ever since. I guess u could say I am a Cum Pig. Big fan of the White Stuff!!!!!! I went to that Sears , several times a week and suck so much cock and ate so many loads that Summer. It is long gone now, so I go to Alabama Books in Bham and suck dick now. I got Fed 10 Loads on Fri.
But I will never forget the first time I tasted cum thru that Sears Gloryhole. I luved the way the cum felt as it slid down my throat.