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I was just 16 when I discovered my first gloryhole. There was a truckstop in our town close to where we lived which I used to ride my bike to to score soda and other junk. I parked my bike in it's usual spot and went around to the back where the restrooms were at. I wandered into an empty stall and began to unzip when I noticed a small hole cut into the side of the stall. I sat down on the toilet seat and could not take my eyes off that hole when I noticed movement from the other side. No sooner had I sat down when this beautiful pink cock poked itself through the hole. I was startled at first and held my breath, I didn't know what to do but as my heart was racing I knew I wanted to touch it. This glorious cock began to bob a little and I heard a voice from the other stall whisper "Suck it..", and so with all my curiousity I reached my hand out and grasped ahold of the thick shaft. I remember how warm and great it felt to have this other man's cock in my hand and I began to stroke it back and forth. The more I jacked it off, the more excited I got and soon I was on the edge of the seat with this cock just 6 inches away from my face while I pumped his cock off. As his moaning got louder, I jacked him off faster and before I knew it he was spurting out globs of cum which ran over my hand and onto the floor. No matter how hard I tried, I could not take my eyes off this display. After he was done cumming, his cock slipped out from the hole and I heard him say "Thanks, man!" and then he exited the stall.

I went back several times after and it wasn't until I was 17 that I finally succumbed to actually sucking a cock, but that first experience will always be one of my favorite jackoff memories.