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College Gloryhole

I was a freshman at Clemson U and when I wandered in to the English building and discovered the gloryhole there. Between classes it was hot! Usually 3 or 4 guys there waiting. First I just stuck it thru, but then I started getting really turned on while seeing a fat cock slide thru the hole. I was hooked after that. I checked out every bathroom on campus and found another one in the library which had good night action. I was able to keep pretty satisfied during my time there and in grad school the same. Unfortunately, there are not as many gloryholes as there were back then; most are in bookstores. There is nothing like a true public g-hole! Let me know guys if there are any in the southeast and i'll make a roadtrip. I especially love to open my stall door while suckin a nice cock and have the guys waiting watch me!