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GH's across the USA

My father was in the military and we moved a lot from state to state. On these lenghty moves, it wasn't uncommon to see GH's in the various rest areas/truck stops along the route. I never asked about these, or saw them in use, but I instinctively knew what they were used for from about age 12; i.e., I was in Galveston on the beach at a restroom and looked thru a GH to watch an older guy (maybe 30!!) rubbing one out. From that point on, even if I only used the restroom urinal, I'd check the stalls for GH's. I was mesmerized by the concept, but obviously wasn't old enough to act on this impulse.

I was away at college when I sucked my first cock through a GH. It was on the 3rd floor of the library. The other guy pulled his out and came all over the floor as I watched. He wanted me to put mine through the hole, but I was scared he might cut it or something...stupid, eh? Well, I've sucked many a dick through a GH and have had others do the same. There is something erotic about not knowing who is on the other side...they can be anyone you want them to be.

I especially like to leave FIRST, then wait around to see who comes out...a few occasions it's been disappointing, but most of the time, my fantasy was reality!