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first GH experience

I was 23 and married. Was waiting at a bus station for wife to come home froma weekend with her sister. The bus was late and so I wondered over to the adult bookstore nearby to kill some time. Figured I'd buy a penthouse and go sit in the car and wait.

When I got in I noticed the back room area so decided to check it out. It was about 8pm on a Saturday night and there were a bunch of guys around. Being completely innocent to this world I got some change and went into a booth.

After watching a hot straight porn for a few minutes I found myself with my cock out and strokin a bit. I had noticed the holes in the walls on either side of me but wasn't paying attention as I was now standing and stroking pretty feverishlyl.

I did eventually notice the guy to my right had stuck his tongue through the hole. A bit freaked, but intrigued, I eventually got my cock close to his tongue. IT WAS SO FUCKING HOT. My wife's tongue never felt that hot on my thick 8 inch Italian cock.

I got weirde out and pulled it away, and then noticed that the guy on my other side had his finger thorugh his hole beckoning me. The first guy still had his eye to the hole watching me. I got up the nerve to give the second guy my cock. He practically vacuumed my cock through that hole and down his throat.

Luckily, I think, I've always been long lasting. so I got to enjoy a relly great bj. The first guy's hand had nowe come thjrough the hole and was rubbing my ass. I decided to pull out and give the first guy another try. WHile he was working me over the second guy stuck his cock through the hole to me. I was not going to suck cock, that was sure, but I figured I could at least stroke him a bit.

It was the first cock other than my own I had ever touched. WOW. it felt awesome. I still couldn;t get up the nerve to anything more. While I was pumping my cock down the first guy's throat, I kept stroking #2, who erupted a hot creamy load all over my hand, fist, legs etc..

He whispered thanks through the whole and then asked me to feed him my load. I then switched holes one more time and that vacuum tmouth went wild on me. It didn't take too long and soon I was pumping his mouth and throuat more violently then I'd ever fucked a woman.

That was the first (but not last time) I visited those holes. Now that i Knew they were there, I stopped by a few times a year when travelling thorugh that area. Now with the net, It's easier than ever to find hot guys to fuck around with, but those earely days at the GH will always be big memories.