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My first GH was at about 17

My first glory hole was at about 17 years old. I went to the toilet in the May Co. department store. I would sometimes go to public bathrooms to jack off when I got horny. There were three stalls and I chose the middle one. There were glory holes on both sides. I wasn't sure what they were for at first. I noticed a guy in the stall to the left and thought "oh shit - I can't jack off with someone in the next stall with this hole in the wall." Then, I noticed that he was jacking off too. I decided, what the hell, if he can jack off while I watch then I don't care if he sees me jacking off. I like to be seen naked any way. We both jacked for awhile and then I noticed that his mouth was down at the level of the GH with his tounge licking his lips. Then he tapped his finger in the GH. Well, I had never been with a man before but had heard that having your cock sucked was better than jacking off so I stood up and stuck my rock hard cock through the GH. He immediately wrapped his hot lips around my cock. I had never felt so excited in my life. It wasn't long at all before I shot my hot cum down his throat. Needless to say, I started going there as often as I could and found other GH's wherever I went. I also remember the first time I had a hot hard cock come through the GH toward me. At frist I was not sure if I wanted it in my mouth or not. Then decided that I liked being sucked and maybe would like sucking also. Sure enough, that hot cock was great and I found that I really loved the taste if hot cum. Have been sucking cock ever since.