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iworshipdickalot 18th July 2004 03:00 PM

Do you have problems with a dry mouth?????????
Let me tell you I am a very horny oral bottom.I simply love a cock in my mouth.But when I get excited I tend to get a dry mouth and really takes me awhile to get up some saliva so I can suck much better.And lets face it,it feels so much better to have your cock in a warm ,wet mouth.

Ok I found a mint form M & M/Mars company,that really works well for dry mouth.

They are called Aquadrops hydrating mints.

Wow these are great.On a few lucky times when I was at an ABS near where I live.I had like 4 men to suck off in the hour I was there.I just popped in a mint a few minutes before each cock.Instantly I had a very wet mouth.And I was the bell of the ball.Word got out with in a few minutes after the first guy.And my dance card was full.It honestly really felt great to have that nice moistness in my mouth so I can deliver the best blow job I can.And have the man I am with thoroughly enjoy and get off his load into my hot , wet mouth.

Well I just wanted to let you ,who suffer from a dry mouth at times.A product that really wors to moisten and wet your mouth in times of when you suffer from dry mouth.

buh bye

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