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hump_me 20th October 2008 09:54 PM

How long is TOO long?
I have recently started being a submissive slut for someone who really enjoys anal play. My new playmate simply loves sliding things in and out of my ass, deeper and deeper, pushing me to my limits. I usually go for girth, but when I'm tied down and dressed in slutty lingerie it's all about length. I have a 12" double headed dildo that I've been able to take most of. When I said I wanted to take all of it, my partner got really excited. I mean seriously turned on. I wasn't able to do it then, but I'm pretty sure I could with enough work.

So how long is TOO long to take in your ass? Is a thick, blunt ended 12" dildo do-able? I really want to please this person, but would prefer not to perforate anything in the process.

CapitalUncut 21st October 2008 08:35 PM

I have never come across any absolute as to "too long" in my 40-some-odd years of mannspiel. It comes down to how relaxed you can become and how badly you want the guy balls-deep in you.

I've started guys from not being able to take even a finger tip in them to taking my whole hand, or more. I have also been with guys I thought were going to slice off the inch or two of my dick they could take because they were so tight, and others I couldn't get any decent surface contact or friction going so it was like my dick was alone in mid-air. (My dick won't put any porn actors out of work, but no one's ever pointed an laughed at it either.)

I'm not completely sold on using dildos or other objects to "open you up." I absolutely can't take a dildo bigger than 6", but I have no trouble making a 9" cock vanish in the blink of an eye. It's the desire and excitement that have a lot more to do with one's ability to take it. I also know that if I'm not really wanting it, trying to get fucked then just isn't going to work well, if at all.

generous2u 27th October 2008 08:29 AM

You definitely do not want to do anything that might injure your insides. That is a ticket to a long recovery process and you'll not be able to satisfy your man-friend during that time.

My rule of thumb is this: go with my instincts. I worship cock. I lust for extra large cock like many guys, but I'm also aware I have limits up there and I honor those limits. What those limits comprise could vary from dick to dick or hour by hour. Sometimes I've easily handled a really big dick. Other times I can't. And the only thing that seems to matter is exactly how turned on I am. It helps if the top is aware of his size and knows how to be gentle. But in cases, even when really turned on, I make an instant decision as to how far I can go with this big thing.

Dildo's are tougher on the ass because unlike flesh, they're not able to adjust and accommodate what surrounds them. I would imagine one must show special caution when trying to take really long dildos further than you feel comfortable with.

In any event, let us know how it all turns out for you. The more detail the better!

wvbotman 2nd November 2008 08:17 AM

I also enjoy a nice hard, long cock inside my hungry ass.

I regularly travel to a nearby town in WV for overnight sex with a hung older stud (10"). My goal is ultimately being able to swallow the entire length, to make him happy.

I remember the first time I saw a pic of his cock, I instantly wanted to have it inside of me, and told him so in an IM. He gave me his phone number and address and told me to come on over. I jumped in my car and traveled 45 miles at 9:00 PM on a Saturday nught to get to that cock.

When I got there he was in his robe with nothing else on, waiting by the door. We exchanged pleasantries, a brief kiss, I reached down to feel that cock for myself and was not disaoppointed. He led me down the hall to the bedroom and we immediately undressed.

After another brief kiss I moved down to taste his cock. I had told hiom that I was very oral and he wholeheartedly agreeed with me!

He reached for the lube as I worked on getting him hard with my eager mouth. He pulled away, lubed his cock and my ass as I lay face down eagerly waiting for him to invade me.

As he eased into me, I was ready to bite the back of my hand to keep from crying out, no need he was gently easing into me. At last I felt his weight on my back and his balls against my ass crack, I have never felt so full before or since. As he gently fucked in and out of my ass I felt as if the suction was pulling my insides out!

As I loosened up the suction went away and only waves of pleasure remained as he rode me to nirvana. After 10 minutes of fucking he said," I am going to cum", I replied,"I want your cum inside of me", much to my own surprise. I never wanted anything so much as I wanted his cum. I could feel him shudder as he filled me with his hot cum, and I came with him. This was my first hands-free cum and it was fantastic.

We lay there with his softening cock inside of me for a few minutes, then toook our first shower together. We wnt back to the bedroom where he straddled my face and gave me his clean, soft cock to swallow. I let him throat fuck me with his soft cock.

As he hardened again the girth became too much for me to take, much to my sadness, I couldn't breathe with him in my throat. He rolled me over and really let me have it for about 15 minutes this time. I fell asleep with him still inside of me, wow!

I can;t wait to visit again....

NakedAl 9th November 2008 12:26 AM

Depends on conditions...
Have enjoyed the replies.

For myself, I have never encountered a dick that was too long if it was attached to the right guy (ie, somebody I clicked with).

But with toys, you can go too long for the conditions. If you're inserting it yourself, you have a lot more control. But if you're playing with a partner, you still need to be talking it through, and being in charge to an extent.

Personally, I think the length of the rectum is about my limit. I remember having this hot young guy easing a Doc Johnson LA special up me spread eagle in a sling, and we were so incredibly connected because we'd talk and play and suck while I got used to each segment. When we got it in about 12" I could feel it pushing against something (I think it's a bend where the rectum connects with the colon), and I decided that was enough. It was amazing.

So, whatever you do, you stay in charge. And the previous writer is correct that you should be more careful with dildos 'cause they don't bend or yield.

Let us know how it goes. Al

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