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  1. Congress Passes SESTA, Craigslist Personals & Other Sites Disappear
  2. Grindr Extortion Ring in Australia
  3. President Trump and gay marriage...
  4. Italy's Supreme Court rules public masturbation not a crime
  5. NY Post: "Male escorts are making crazy money at the RNC"
  6. GOP Platform calls porn "A National Public Health Crisis"
  7. Less than 2% of American's are gay?
  8. Legal to discriminate in Mississippi
  9. Illinois Republican Candidate blames gays
  10. Virginia repeals anti-oral sex & sodomy laws
  11. New Attacks On Gay Rights
  12. Scam alert
  13. Anti-Gay Republican Congressman outed.
  14. Montana to decriminalize gay sex
  15. Chick-fil-A still supporting anti-gay
  16. O'Reilly Labels Gays as Pedophiles AGAIN
  17. Teaching children anti-gay therapy
  18. Republican attacks on GLBT continue
  19. Gays are too strong to deserve defense
  20. Court orders damages for same sex couple
  21. Conservative Judge overrules DOMA
  22. From "Don't ask, don't tell" to celebrate
  23. Gay no longer a slanderous term
  24. Boston Federal Court defends gay marriage
  25. DISCUSSION: Election issue or not
  26. Obama Announces He Supports Gay Marriage
  27. No. Carolina bans same sex marriage
  28. NEWS FLASH: Men like sex
  29. Prison or Bankruptcy-The New Porn Challenge
  30. Uganda proposes DEATh PENALTY for Gays
  31. Pentagon Study out of the closet
  32. Cruising disaster, need help!
  33. Anyone hear about set-ups/stings?
  34. Paying off a Bet - Legal or Not?
  35. Gays serving in the Military
  36. Why there is no section for Africa
  37. California to drop "cure" for gays
  38. Root out the gays, I need my dick sucked
  39. A reasonable expectation of privacy
  40. Writing on the bathroom wall
  41. How far can/will undercovers go?
  42. Mormon Church tiptoes on gay rights
  43. A Technical (Legal) Question
  44. Law relating to HIV
  45. Larry Craig Ruling
  46. bath house
  47. Republican Senator busted for cruising.
  48. Is a booth at an Bookstore a public place?
  49. Disclosing employer when arrested
  50. Glory Hole Sex
  51. Is a Car a public place?
  52. Can I have arrest expunged/removed from records