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  1. Map Change
  2. Jan 5-6 2021 Site Outage
  3. SPAM PMs
  4. "Quick Search" Back On Sex Listings, But...
  5. Google Maps Changes This Week
  6. Posts In This Section Are BY or ABOUT CFS
  7. Sex Listings Search Now Working!
  8. Wednesday April 25 Update
  9. Monday April 23 Update
  10. Site issue since the upgrade...
  11. Good Luck With The Move!
  12. Changes: Ending CommunalStall.com & AdoptASexPig.com + Rehosting
  13. Important: Change in Timing of Sex Listings Updates: Health Issues & CFS Upgrade
  14. Hacking Attempt On CFS Passwords
  15. A Symbol of Why CFS Must Change: Outage For Most Of CFS & Related Sites
  16. Future of CFS: "Ad-Minimized Supporting" Members? Sell Site? More Options To Cum Soon
  17. Google Message: Sex Listings Server Hacked?
  18. CFS Newsletter for May, 2016
  19. Please Give Feedback On The CFS April Newsletter
  20. Partial Downtime Will Affect CFS Home Page, etc., Plus Other Sites
  21. CFS Home Page Change For Entry Process
  22. New Article About CFS: Cruising Isn't Dead—If You Know Where to Look from Broadly
  23. Atlas Obscura Article: "The Rise and Fall of Cruisingforsex.com..."
  24. Additional Issues From Browser Updates Oct. 16 Onwards
  25. Sex Listings: Problems With "Quick Search"
  26. Scheduled Downtime
  27. Upcoming Scheduled Downtime Tonight
  28. Upcoming Scheduled Downtime April 28
  29. Cruiser Gallery Items From March
  30. Database Problems March 24-25 And Restore
  31. Server Changes at CFS
  32. Email Problems
  33. Server Outage
  34. Ads Server Down