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Arrow Day Six: Highway 287 to Fort Worth, TX

Day Six: Highway 287 to Fort Worth, TX

Having left Adults, Etc. feeling very unsatisfied and horny, the boyfriend and I set out on Highway 287, a 4-lane highway that runs west to east across northern Texas. It will take us eventually into the Forth Worth area, but I recall on a previous quick drive through this area seeing some adult bookstores and decide I must stop this time around.

As it turns out, the first XXX business is near Vernon. Located about 5 miles south of town on the southbound side of 287, you will come upon it very quickly, but just keep your eyes out for the 'XXX's'. XXX Adult Video is definitely out in the middle of almost nowhere. When we entered, the large lady behind the counter smiled and greeted us, "Howdy, y'all!" She informed us of a sale on video tapes and then went back to watching Jerry Springer.

There is a small arcade area with 5 booths and 3 preview booths. You will need to purchase $2 in tokens to go into the booth area. Even though the booths are constructed of plywood, it doesn't appear that gloryholes have ever graced this place. There are some notes from horny men looking for sex. Many of the booth doors can't be latched -- they are too warped to close. This allows some opportunity to watch a film and catch the attention of another bookstore patron. Problem for me was there was only one other patron and he was watching one the previews and sealed in tight. I never saw the guy.

After a cursory tour of the arcade, we left. A trucker had just pulled up and was checking out the video selection out front.

Still horny, and looking for some Texas cock (remember we haven't had much of anything and have been in Texas for almost 24 hours), we continue down 287. Way down the road, about 2 miles before entering Bellevue, we see some bright lights coming up on the right and what looks like a Fina gas station. I slow down and turn out to be correct: another bookstore. This is DW's Video and it looks almost new. As we pull up our hearts race and dicks harden when a really hot guy in Army fatigues is stepping out the door to exit in his car. Geez, if this is what is on the other side of that door, I may not leave.

What turns out to be on the other side of the door is a very well-lighted bookstore with tons of tapes, a pleasant enough young woman setting in a high-up position in clear sight of everyone that might have moved (had anyone been present), including the 5 arcade booths in the far corner of the store. Add in the doors being cut off at the bottom and as the boyfriend says, "This place is definitely not cruiser friendly."

We leave.

It is nightfall by the time we hit on Fort Worth. We pick a motel and head out for some more bookstore research. We have decided to check out the Bright Lights stores in the Fort Worth area.

First, we backtrack a bit, heading up I-35W to the Golden Triangle exit. Under the freeway and turning left, we see nothing called 'Bright Lights' but we do see a store saying 'Super Store Video.' This turns out to be 'Bright Lights II'.

There are several cars parked out front and we are hopeful. The man at the counter changes our dollars to tokens and we enter the rear of the store where the arcade is divided into 3 sections: 1 section for preview booths, 1 fairly dark section with a few booths, many with adjoining gloryholes, and 1 fairly bright section with a row of booths, almost all with gloryholes. The arcade is dirty with used condoms, latex gloves, and soiled tissue in the booths. One man is standing around, looking not at all friendly. I smile at him. Eventually an attractive older man with nice gray hair walks in with his cowboy hat, enters a booth, and proceeds to play with himself while the boyfriend looks on through the hole. No contact. A couple of very cute studs walk in the front of the store and shop around but never make it to the arcade.

We leave.

We are back on the freeway and heading for another 'Bright Lights' off Linkcrest west of Fort Worth on I-30 near I-820. By now it is closing in on 11:30 pm. At Linkcrest we notice another sign exactly like the previous store, but again it says 'Super Store Video'. No mention of 'Bright Lights' to be found though I am certain this must be it.

This store is larger and nicer than the other store. The arcade is clean and almost empty. A couple of attractive men are carrying on a conversation that never ends during our stay in the arcade. While we are in the arcade, a few men arrive and make the rounds, but none of them capture my eye (the boyfriend whose standards are broader when it comes to his type of man plays with a couple guys). One of the conversationalists is about my type, but he seems to be catching up on gossip and not horny at all. Why the hell do guys come to these stores to chat? I have never understood this.

After about an hour of dropping tokens and waiting for the Fort Worth stud of my dreams, we leave.

Five bookstores in one day and not one dick has touched these lips.