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a couple of comments...
the dark room at the Chute in Nashville is history, as far as I've heard. Besides, while it was decent, I wouldn't call it fabulous. Just my two cents.

As for booth stores in Nashville, Purple Onion on Nolensville Road is my pick. I've had plenty of fun there. The World's Largest can be OK, but I would say it's glory days were about 5 years ago when nearly every booth had a glory hole. Now it's a little less fun. Also, there is a separate admission fee for the theatre (on the ground floor) and for the booths (on the top floor), so if you're really piggy, it's not entirely cheap. The good thing about World's Largest and about Purple Onion is that after you pay your admission fee, there's no more hassles about dropping quarters.

Madame X is also kind of fun and the booth area is laid out in an "L" shape so the more serious folk are more towards the back. The same tokens from Purple Onion used to work at Madame X. Not sure if they still do.

But the real reason for my post is not to review the Nashville scene. It's to suggest that you include the Radical Faerie sanctuaries in your travels. You're passing by two of them, so you may as well stop in for a taste of gay utopia. No guarantee of sex, bu tyou never know... :-)

Luigi tells me he knows you. You could get the info from him, or you could write to me.

Zuni Mountain Sanctuary is about 50 miles south of I-40, just inside the New Mexico border. The closest towns to find on a map are Ramah and Zuni. It's a beautiful, quiet place sanwhiched between an Indian reservation, a National Monument, a National Forest, and BLM land.

Short Mountain Sanctuary is about 30 miles south of I-40 and about 40 miles east of Nashville. 250 acre of forest on a "short" mountain. This is the grand daddy of faerie lands. The commune's been there about 25 years or so. 20 guys live there and lots of folks visit. I suspect you know the rest of the story already. If not, let me know!