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Hi Keith. In Atlanta, be sure to check out The Looming and The Heretic. Both are best on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday nights, late.

Along I-10, check out the rest areas along the stretch from west of Mobile all the way over to Tallahassee. Most are hot, most of the day and night. Of course, as with almost all rest areas, it can be hit-or-miss.

Suggestion: drop south off of I-10 at I-110 into Pensacola, and take the alternate US98 and State Road 399 along the beach. Stay on US98 to Panama City, and pick up US231 out of Panama City to I-10, then into Tallahassee. Some of the best dick in the US can be found along these roads, especially when the weather is warm (and it can be, during the winter.)

I hope you will give us a full report on the Parliament House. I have heard very mixed reviews since it was put in the hands of new owners late last summer...

Drive carefully.