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There are a couple of great places i know of
1) amarillo TX there is a bookstore east of the city of I40 IT is HUGE you cant miss it always packed and always some good sex there
2) Dallas TX Club Dallas is a good bath house some attitude there but if you look good then it wont be a problem for you. White Rock Park after 9 it gets hopping with everyone who left the park at Turtle Creek blvd and Lemmon Ave. lots of athletic types. Also there is a club called the Trestle GREAT SEX CLUB!!!
3) Florida ....(where i now live) in Delray beach about 45mins north of miami there is a marriott on A1A that has a very cruisy beach in front of it that you may want to look into....
Check these places out and tell me how you did!!! I wish i was going too!! :-) have fun and have lots of "good times" for me
if you need more info e mail me