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My first swallow

The first time I swallowed was actually on two different occasions. I was 14 and hanging out in the local park. The rest room had a glory hole. I was in one of the booths playing with my self and peeping through the hole. A much older guy came in and started playing as well. I was too dumb to know the protocol about sticking my finger through the hole as an invite for him to stick his rather nice cock through. He got himself ready and then came over to my stall (there were no doors). He asked if I would like to finish him off. I eagerly agreed. I took him in my mouth and just done what I thought I would like for someone to do to me. He rewarded me with a nice load and I swallowed not because I was forced to be because I needed and wanted to. Upon completion he asked me if he was my first and I nodded. He grinned and asked if I could come back to the park the next day. I said yes and we scheduled right after dark. He informed me where to go, which was the ball park. He said there will be some nice prizes awaiting me in the dug-out. I showed up as directed and sure enough, it was a time I will never ever forget. I still think back and it makes me hard after all these years. To my surprise he had rounded up two other guys besides himself and they all let me suck them to completion and I swallowed every drop. I still swallow every drop to this day on every man I do.
I see it as my just reward. There is nothing like the taste of cum and to waste it is a sin. I am in my mid 40's now, still swallowing. It is getting tougher to find the loads as most of the abs's have eliminated their glory holes. At least around here. But I have had my share and still seeking more
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