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my first time

was at an adult theater. I had been going for some time and knew there was usually some good sucking going on. I was sitting in the back row. There is enough room behind to stand there. I felt a guy running his fingers through my hair. Turning me on. I turned my head and body and he slid his cock in my mouth. He fucked my mouth for only a short time when he shot his load in my mouth. It was so silky and tasted so good. Swallowed it all down licking my lips. The guy next to me asked me to do the same so I did. My head in his lap. He had a nice cock too and a nice creamy load. On the way out I went with a guy in his car. My head in his lap as we drove around. Mmmmmmm. That was good too. I have found some cum to be kind of bitter but most are so good.
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