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First time huh. well, I'd been sucking cocks for quite a while but never let a guy come in my mouth. I was very hesitant to do that. I always made the other guy use a condom and he could come that way, but I was not ready for live spurts in my mouth yet.

One night, after a particularly heavy drinking binge, I stopped at my favorite bookstore. They had gloryholes back then and I loved to suck and be sucked, albeit with a condom on.

I also love having my ass played with. The booth I chose was one that had holes on both sides so there was double the opportunities. I stripped naked and folded my clothes neatly on the stool. I love being naked in such a semi-public place.

I settled in and peeked through the hole on the right and saw a nice 7 incher dangling with a hand stroking it to life. turning to the other hole I saw a six inch cock that was extremely thick around. Since this heralded a good night, I turned toward the seven incher on my right and attempted to gain his attention. He soon slipped his cock through and I played with it a bit. I reached into my pocket of my folded pants and came to the realization that i had no rubbers available. Not wanting to miss the moment, I figured I would lick the head a bit and maybe the shaft awhile.

While bent over I hadn't realized that I had exposed myself to well to the hole on the other side. The gent in the other booth was exploring my ass with great interest. He stroked my cheeks, slid underneath and rubbed my cock, and probed my hole. This was heating me up pretty good! I maneuvered my ass so he could get the best angle from me. He slipped a wetted finger in my ass and I pushed back to meet him. I moaned and realized that I had let the (uncovered) cock in front of me slip into my mouth. It wasn't all that bad! It was soft with an underloying hardness, pulsing and very responsive to my tongue's movements. Every time I licked the head, it would throb.

Try as I may, I couldn't keep my concentration on my mouth as Mr. Left was working wonders on my ass. By now, he had three fingers working in and out and was driving me crazy! I dropped Mr. Right out of my mouth and into my hand and spun around to ask Mr. Left if he had a condom and would like to fuck me. He had long since figured that one out for himself and greeted me with a shiny, condom covered cock throbbing in anticipation.

I guided that cock into my ready bunghole and proceded to grind back on it till it filled me completely, while I went back to sucking the cock to the right. Heaven was not adequate to describe the feeling. A cock in both ends! I was being fucked while sucking a gorgeous hard-on and was loving every minute of it. (the only thing missing was someone kneeling between my legs and sucking me, but that was another time!)

I was getting lost in the assfucking I was receiving. I stroked my own cock to every thrust of Mr. Left. My cock was raging hard. I barely noticed that thhe throbbing of Mr. Right had taken a different rhythm. I was concentrating so hard on the thrashing my ass was getting that I missed that the throbbing in response to my licking had changed to a slow hard-less hard throbbing that didn't seem to depend on my tongue's movements. by the time I realized that Mr. Right was about to come, he was already coming. I was too in exstasy to care. He pulsed spurt after spurt in my cheeks and I couldn't have cared less at that point. I was ready to come as well. My cock started to pulse and I shot a wad on that floor that's probably still there!

Mr. Left, feeling my ass tighten with every ejaculation started pushing deep in my ass and letting his come fill the condom. Here I was, with a filled bottom, a sticky floor and a mouthfull of come. I didn't swallow, as I wasn;t ready for that yet, but I did savor it a while. It wasn;t at all like I had imagined. It was sweet with a musty taste that made me hornier.

Okay, I spit it out in the corner. But It was my first time!
A splendid time was had by all!
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