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The first time a guy came in my mouth was also the first time I swallowed a load of cum. It was a high school buddy and we were experimenting with our first forays into male 2 male sex. I immediately liked the taste of cum in my mouth and didn't even bother to hesitate, I took each spurt of warm, salty, thick cum into my mouth and greedily swallowed it. I was really turned on by it and I enjoyed the scent of his musky cock throbbing in me and feeling the pulse of his raging hard dick. On my knees in front of him with my arms between his legs and my palms on his sweet buttocks, I happily pulled him into my face until his pubes were in my face and I was sucking him all the way in to the base of his cock with his balls slapping me in the chin! I think the power of being able to please him and make him cum with my lips, tounge and wet mouth was just as big a thrill for me as the submissiveness of being on my knees and letting him fuck my face. From that day forward I always swallowed the cum and I always enjoyed the taste of it.
biwm, 50, 140, blonde, blue, stache, 6"cut, oral & versatile, looking for regular suck/fuck buddy! Love to suck cock and swallow cum!
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