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Most Memorible Glory Hole

Bath House in Vancouver, BC. This place had a movie room that had walls on both sides that looked like swiss cheese. You would be sitting there on the bleachers watching porn on the big screen and then notice that some guy had his cock sticking thru one of the dozens of holes waiting for someone to go give him some service. At times there were 4 or 5 guys either giving or receiving at the same time. Others watching. Guys would drop their towels and then lean into the wall. Someone would go around the other side and service him. I remember watching this one guys beautiful ass as he got worked into a frenzy. Slowly at first he started to move his ass. Then he started to face fuck the guy and finally he was about to knock the wall down plowing some guys mouth. When he shot his load his ass cheeks were a beautiful sight. Afterwards, he regained his composure and picked up his towel and turned around and about a dozen guys gave him a round of appaulse. he was better than anything on the screen! He came back over and sat down. I never learned who was on the other side of that wall but I did take a place there later in the day.