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The first time I realized men were having sex in a toilet I was in college and noticed, while using the facilities, that this group of college boys didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave from their positions at the urinals and stalls. I left, but quickly got my courage and came back in for some play.

The first time I ever saw a real, bonafide gloryhole I hit pay dirt! I was in the business building at UC Berkeley and found 3 stalls with 2 holes on either side of the center stall. I sat there one afternoon and, let me just say, my life changed. I became a business school regular that semester!!! It was not unusual to have 2 men on either side wanting to get serviced. It was way over the top some of the time, other times slow and boring. Once I gave up when this guy was sitting in the adjoining stall reading a book. He was as determined as I to be "the one" servicing cock and in the end, he won out and I left.