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I had a lot of good ones but...

The one that springs to mind was in West Sacrmento before they clamped down on things there, maybe 15 years ago.

One AVS had large booths with videos that were none to memorable. I went in, there was a hole in one wall but before any thing could happen the door, which I had left unlocked, opened and a guy walked in with me. He sat down, I took out my dick and he started sucking me.

There as a noise and we both looked over to the wall with the hole where another guy was sticking his finger through. The guy sucking me told me to stick my dick into the hole which I did. The fellow on the other side started sucking me, he was good - not too intense not too loose - just right to maximize the sensation and delay my orgasm. The guy in the booth with me pulled my pants down to my ankles the started fingering my ass. I felt him lube me and then he pushed is dick into me. He used his weight to push as hard and deep as he could, there was no pain or discomfort just extremely full and he was stroking at just the right speed.

The thing that made this really memorable was the end. I and the guy fucking me came at exaclty the same time - absolute ecstacy!