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I have a bunch - here's a recent hot one

Was at one of my favorite bookstores recently and went into an end stall. I wear my slut clothes to these places and so only had on my cum stained sex shorts and a tank. Looked through the hole and there was a hot stud Latin man in a baseball uniform feeding his dick through the opposite hole. His pants were down around his ankles and he had nice muscular hairy legs and it was obvious he was enjoying the servicing he was getting.

Just my luck. An unusually hot man already taken! Well, I needed that man. I made some noise and he looked over his shoulder at the hole I was peering through. He pulled out of the hole he was in and turned around and looked at me and then shoved this magnificently fat uncut dick through the hole.

In anticipation of this I had already stripped off my clothes and was down on the floor naked and took a hit of poppers. I immediately swallowed his wet cock just so he would know that I could take him all the way into my neck so he wouldn't be tempted to go back to the other hole. This apparently worked as he didn't make any moves to pull out. I then grabbed his dick and dug into his cum hole with my tongue and pulled his foreskin up over my tongue. God I love doing that! Then I dug around in his skin and then set to give him the blow job that I so desperately needed.

So there I was naked in a gloryhole booth sucking a beautiful fat uncut dick, snorting poppers, leaking pre cum all over the wall and floor. I like to take some of my precum or cum as I usually leak some out and put it on the guy's dick. Nothing like sucking another dude with your own hot cum on his shaft!

It didn't take long to get this guy off and he pulled out of me and started stroking his cock. I didn't know he was about to cum and when I saw the first shot I guess I must have gasped and put my fingers through the hole. I wanted his cum!! He got the message and immediately put his dick back through the hole and I sucked the rest of his load into my mouth.

After he came it was the usual zip and leave as quickly as he could. So I just leaned back on my haunches with his cum in my mouth and drooling down my chin and dripping onto my chest. I took a huge hit of poppers and beat my dick and sprayed my load all over me and that booth. I scooped up some of my cum off my chest and hand and put it into my mouth with the other guy's cum and then just let it slide down my throat. Then I licked some off my seed off the cum stained wall. When I recovered I put my shorts and shirt back on and woozily walked out with cum all over my face and legs letting everyone get a good look at a horny bookstore gloryhole slut!