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I was about 15 when i first found a glory hole - in a brick out door rest room with two stalls - a brick was missing at cock height from the wall dividing the stalls - i looked through the hole and an "older" guy was sitting there with his pants down and his stiff cock and balls standing up between his legs. (I knew about sucking, as my older cousin would get in to bed with me and suck my cock when i stayed at his home when my parents were away. I'd sleep in the same room with him so it was easy for him to get into my bed whenever he felt like it and play with my cock.)

On seeing his cock sticking up I faced the hole and quickly pulled my pants down and exposed my cock and balls - he got up and slipped his cok though the hole for me to feel, which I did. After I felt him he pulled his cock back and gestured for me to put my cock through the hole which i did - it was big enough so I pushed my balls though too - he sucked my cock straight away and felt my balls while he sucked and jerked my cock - I came in his mouth pretty quickly. when I'd finished cuming he spoke through the hole and tld me if I came back at the same time tomorrow he'd do it to me again. I came back the following afternoon and of course and put my cock and balls through the hole as quickly as I could - he sucked my off again - we met there regularly after that for several years until he moved away. I met a number of other people there as well and had regular sex there for a long time afterwards.