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glory hole movie

could start out at a glory hole and hung guy getting blown. But stops and says through hole that he owns the place and if I would like to go somewhere more private?
Yes and down some dark stairs to a room with two doors one in and another.
carpeted with a table in the middle.
he locks the door and pulls out his cock telling him to suck it.
then after a while tells him to put on blind fold.
ties hands behind back and two other hung dudes come in and they used his throat. Then fuck his ass on the table.
Could have the scene end and back to the glory hole. New guy big dick and again the question. This time he takes him to a multiple shower. two doors.
again the sucking and blindfold.
more guys again. but when done more guys come in others leave.
Third one though third room blindfold right away ties bent over something at right height and guys use mouth and throat.
need more rooms?
I like to be forcefully face fucked. why exactly dont know just like big cocks down my throat.
mostly wanting to be dominated and made to deepthroat.