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I also enjoy a nice hard, long cock inside my hungry ass.

I regularly travel to a nearby town in WV for overnight sex with a hung older stud (10"). My goal is ultimately being able to swallow the entire length, to make him happy.

I remember the first time I saw a pic of his cock, I instantly wanted to have it inside of me, and told him so in an IM. He gave me his phone number and address and told me to come on over. I jumped in my car and traveled 45 miles at 9:00 PM on a Saturday nught to get to that cock.

When I got there he was in his robe with nothing else on, waiting by the door. We exchanged pleasantries, a brief kiss, I reached down to feel that cock for myself and was not disaoppointed. He led me down the hall to the bedroom and we immediately undressed.

After another brief kiss I moved down to taste his cock. I had told hiom that I was very oral and he wholeheartedly agreeed with me!

He reached for the lube as I worked on getting him hard with my eager mouth. He pulled away, lubed his cock and my ass as I lay face down eagerly waiting for him to invade me.

As he eased into me, I was ready to bite the back of my hand to keep from crying out, no need he was gently easing into me. At last I felt his weight on my back and his balls against my ass crack, I have never felt so full before or since. As he gently fucked in and out of my ass I felt as if the suction was pulling my insides out!

As I loosened up the suction went away and only waves of pleasure remained as he rode me to nirvana. After 10 minutes of fucking he said," I am going to cum", I replied,"I want your cum inside of me", much to my own surprise. I never wanted anything so much as I wanted his cum. I could feel him shudder as he filled me with his hot cum, and I came with him. This was my first hands-free cum and it was fantastic.

We lay there with his softening cock inside of me for a few minutes, then toook our first shower together. We wnt back to the bedroom where he straddled my face and gave me his clean, soft cock to swallow. I let him throat fuck me with his soft cock.

As he hardened again the girth became too much for me to take, much to my sadness, I couldn't breathe with him in my throat. He rolled me over and really let me have it for about 15 minutes this time. I fell asleep with him still inside of me, wow!

I can;t wait to visit again....
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