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CRUISING for SEX - View Single Post - Quickies or Extended?
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Old 24th February 2010, 11:33 PM
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QUICKIES (2-5 minutes)
When alone and just cranking one out, outside of my home, in places such as the ABS (when uninterrupted), public restrooms, and office or apartment building stairwells. Usually with a dry dick, a bit of friction on my cockhead, and just feeling turned on by the location and by the possibility of getting caught.

Because I go into sensory overload when fucking around with others, I can go and go and go (Eveready Battery Bunny anyone?) wthout coming, literally for hours. No Viagra needed. I end up riding these waves of sexual arousal that plateau and subside a bit, and then I'm right back up there again, still hard, still leaking, but rarely cumming. And since I'm a big ol' bottom, for me, cumming (when I'm with another guy or two or three) is not the point anyway. But(t) I am more likely to cum with another dude if he's a repeat/FuckBuddy or a boyfriend, with familiarity replacing the sensory overload of encounters with strangers. This Marathon Man quality is especially useful when I make a night of it at an adult cinema or the baths, but doesn't really apply to the ABS because who the fuck can afford to stay at an ABS for 4-plus hours dropping in dollars every couple of minutes!

EXTENDED - SOLO (1-3 hours)
At home, when either watching or reading porn (DVD, Internet, printed erotica), or when I'm in the mood for big honkin' dildo and or self-fisting play. I've trained myself to hold on, to edge until my body just can't take it any longer, and then, Ker-SPLAT! Very satisfying. And I can usually blow again within 15-20 minutes, which would make Round Two a Quickie.
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