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Post Important: Change in Timing of Sex Listings Updates: Health Issues & CFS Upgrade

Publishing new Places and Reviews will temporarily be slowing down starting this month, August 2017, for two reasons:
  1. I will be having the first of two critical eye surgeries this month, including several medical appointments before and after. I expect to have a number of days off work.

  2. This month I will also begin working on the long-delayed and much needed software upgrades for CFS. Among other things, the changes are intended to make the site more mobile-friendly.
Eventually, there will also be either an ad-free or ad-minimized version of CFS for "Supporting Members" who will pay to have this and other additional benefits. CFS with ads will still be available to CFS members who choose not to pay and to anonymous Guests.

Recently I have been able to get through my Editorial Process and handle new Places and Reviews rather quickly. Years ago there were times it could take as long as seven to ten days.

I will not be able to update these every business day Monday through Friday as I have been, but I will make every attempt to keep CFS current. Likewise, I will not be able to check emails for CFS and the related sites generated by the Contact Form page as often.

If you are a CFS Member, remember that when you are logged in you may post on a Sex Listings page your plans to visit that place. Please allow at least five days for me to publish these.

If you usually post your plans on the Message Board, keep in mind the Sex Listings get more visitors. More cruisers are likely to see it.

If you are not logged in as a CFS Member or are not a Member and you post your plans, they are are either deleted or edited out of your Review.

Also, do not post your email address, phone number, an App handle, or any other form of contact information on the Sex Listings, the Message Board, or the Cruiser Gallery. Keep this in your CFS Profile Page. Use the "Best Ways To Contact You Outside CFS" section of your Profile if you want non-Members to see.

Questions or comments? Reply here or reach me through the Contact Form.

~ Bob S., Manager/Editor
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