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Thanks! I was supposed to have a post-surgery follow-up appointment today. It's postponed because of our incredible flooding here in Houston. If it ain't one thing, it's another.

I'd moved my car to higher ground before Harvey because my carport floods. Yesterday I waded through water above my knees - in the carport - to get to the place where I parked the car so I could move it again. I'm happy there's a couple steps up into my place and no flooding inside. Some of my neighbors have had minor flooding, but nothing like what you see on TV. So far - it's still raining.

I am still trying to balance work on the regular CFS content and updates with work on the upgrade project and other programming. These are things that truly can't be delayed anymore, since CFS will go out of business without them.

More to come, including a second surgery when I can schedule it.

~ Bob
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