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Originally Posted by CapitalUncut View Post
I may have some spare cycles to help you if you need it.
Thanks. Send me a PM or email and let me know what you'd like to do.

Having been taught from childhood to be overly self-sufficient, I've always been the sort of person who doesn't know how and when to ask for help, much less how best to use it.

It's almost five years now since Keith passed away and all those boxes started arriving from Georgia. Back then I knew (or had been exposed to) nearly all the tech side, except for a few surprises and Easter Eggs. However, I knew nothing about Keith's business and finances until shortly before his passing. Once the estate closed, I had the software and the database but no starting cash. And then the servers kept crashing... It's been a roller coaster since.

Keith and I both knew the already outdated software we were using wouldn't work well in the mobile world, but he had seemed to think I could sort of put lipstick and makeup on it to make do. I knew that was a non-starter. So many things happened, more than I want to explain, to keep me from the upgrade I knew we needed.

So, that's five years of business problems, personal problems, health problems, a bad break-up, you name it. What's done is done.

I believe CFS is worth preserving and keeping online, not just for its historical and archival value but also for some truly hot Reviews that I keep reading, editing, and publishing all the time. There's an interest and a need for this outlet, especially the long-form "story" reviews you might not see on other sites. We get a lot of one-liners and such, but there's also a great amount of one-handed reading.

Writing is also one of my worst self-indulgences. I'll stop and try to get back to work.

~ Bob S.
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