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New Sapan Kwai massageshops

This area has been known for a very long time as ŽlocalŽ gay neighborhood. From the days of Midnight Cowboy etc. The 5 or 6 original karaOK shops etc with off-guys are still there in that soi off Pradipaht rd.-Stax being best known and farang-friendly for this quaint amusement.
Fairly recently a new sprung of m2m massageshops, some as transformations from older such places, has opened here. They seem to belong to 2 major chains and employ mostly freelance real Laos and Khmer guys. They embrace the new modern media and post on various such sites, but its Thai so mostly and daily upkeep on line. An innovation for that it they show pictures with length/weight and also role (most are labelled as chay tae=real men) and size of toong yang used. (peservative, condom). And the MIN tip-often still <1000.
Just off the BTS stop are west side; G-beat and M-15, G-beat is in what once was theBridge but is very nicely all renovated, to near luxury, still only 500 bt/for 1 hr oil msg-or 600 in their very well appointed VIP-room with yacoozi. M-15 still has an old sign out for Fah...
Other side of main rd is K-man, the heaviest in this online ads. It has a 2nd shop just off LardPrao 101/yaek 8, named KB.
The others are a fair bit away along Suttisarn rd-narrow and traffic jammed, not that nice to walk along. BKK also goes sky-high here, as various mid-class towerblocks are now to be seen.
Along south side of rd are BT-massage for men (this seem wholly independent of the others), then on nr 266 KK-men and a little further, unmarked outside, HOmeSpa (an unkempt dump inside). Just a little further is the expressway-bus stop Suttisarn Fire Brigade for quicker access (like nr 24, 69, 504 from Silom)
On nr 260-now a stark white car loans office-used to be Ogasms of a certain fame and name.
On north side are M-28 (former Khop Tong=golden frog) and Indra or Intramara (=name of rd). And perhaps also a shop named 89-uncertain. All have all sealed off windows with only pix of men. These places here are far more basic-also reflected in their prices. For me a tad too basic. Plus that entry is not hidden/protected like in most such shops.
Experience for me in around 10 visits now to 5 of these shops: from average to excellent, they made me a repeat customer. These real Laos guys are certainly also a tad different from the usual Thai/Isany=ŽLaoŽ guys.
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