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Old 19th June 2001, 10:39 AM
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Post Aaron's Adventures in Russia - Update 12

Hey Folks!

Only two more updates left including today's.

As always, you can find today's pictures here --->

And as always, you can preorder the five Russian videos here --->


Day 12 - The Big O

Hotel Katerina, Moscow
June 12

Fans of the old Infocom text computer games may recall the boxcover of Zork III. Above the logo were the words, "It all comes down to this..." Such sentiment describes today perfectly. After 11 days of travel and filming, it was time for our final day of filming. And appropriately, it was going to be my single biggest filming session for my most ambitious video project ever. I was both anxious and excited at the end. If you were about to have sex with seven beautiful boys at once, wouldn't you be?

And so the day began with me feeling somewhat stressed. I spent the morning puttering in my hotel room. I didn't really have anything important that needed to be done, but I was too nervous to just sit in one place for long. I must have packed and repacked my camera and film three times as I waited for Maxim to arrive.

And eventually he did, along with Dima the Driver from yesterday's scene with Timo. The two took us over to the escort agent's apartment for the filming. His living room wasn't quite as big of a space as we needed, but it was certainly better than our small hotel room. Timo had warned he may have trouble with the wide shots of everyone having sex at once, but I told him to manage as best he could. At some point my videos are amateur, and I don't have the time, budget, or ability to find Bel Ami-esque settings in which to film.

We arrived at the apartment in time for me to deal with the first crisis of the day. (There are always crises when it comes to these things. Just for once I'd like to see a group filming session go smoothly). Alexi #4, barely 18 years old, was having second thoughts about being in the orgy. His boyfriend (Dima
#3) was talking to him and convincing him to stay. All I could do is stress that he was a welcome addition of the group. At some point he had to make up his own mind.

Fortunately he decided to stay. His twinky little barely-legal looks would be a fun addition to the video. He said he wanted to direct a lot of his attention on his boyfriend, which was fine with me. I'm not adverse at all to having some romance and passion thrown in with the general hedonism of an orgy.

To my surprise there were no more immediate fires needing to be put out. I began unpacking my bag, filming IDs, dealing with model releases, and generally getting everything ready. Within about half-an-hour we were ready to get into place and begin. I began with an announcement that I had been able to save enough money to pay them 20% more than they were expecting. I could see the moral improving on their faces when they heard the news - a result I had well-anticipated in advance. In return I told them that I was going to work them hard, and that they'd need to keep a friendly and cheery disposition the entire time on tape, and that I expected them to do the best job possible.

In truth, I had been budgeting a bit more during the entire process, although I wasn't certain until the filming session that I'd actually have the money to do it. If I tipped everyone then the money was going to be real tight before I went back the States. I wanted to pay them more though, because orgies take longer to film than normal sessions, and because having the models in a good mood and friendly spirit would more than make the money worth it. And I did want them all to be team-players. I wasn't sure quite how everything would work out. Offering them the extra tip if everything went well would give me a certain leverage to make sure that everyone stayed friendly to each other. And remember - in an orgy it only takes one disgruntled person to ruin the mood for everyone. I absolutely did not want that to happen.

I had wanted to try something new in this orgy. Instead of just showing the usual hot guys sucking and fucking, I wanted to capture a bit more of their personalities. So I instructed Timo to film them as they were listening to my instructions, talking to each other, getting ready for the video, and the like. If done correctly that would give me not only the sex scene, but some time on the video to watch everyone getting ready for the orgy. I thought the audience would be interested in seeing just what goes on behind the scenes. And the setup would make the models in the video all the more real to everyone. I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear, but anyone out there who is an artist will understand what I am talking about. Sometimes you have to write, draw, paint, or film based on a feeling you want to invoke in the audience. I thought this background material would do just that.

And so Timo filmed all through the instructions. I started to tell everyone to grab the guy next to them and make out, but then everyone wanted to take one last break before we began. Artyom zipped out to take a shower, and a few other boys snuck out to take a smoke break. It caused a minor pause in the continuity that I wanted, but I decided to let it go. It was important that the boys not be getting anxious to smoke a cigarette during the filming. Better they take the break now than interrupt everything in the middle of a hot moment.

Eventually everyone returned, and I told everyone to grab the guy next to them and begin making out. I have to admit I had casually walked near Alexi #3 before announcing this. Just the sight of him had captured my heart, and I was curious to see what he'd be like in bed. I think he reminds myself of a younger me. The opportunity to have sex with myself was too good to pass up.

To my surprise Alexi #3 responded with a great deal of warmth as we began to kiss. Out of the corner of my eye I could see most of the boys having a moment of initial awkward hesitation before they began kissing each other. No such pause in Alexi though, he grabbed me and started kissing for all he was worth. Totally fine with me! I felt myself getting hard in my pants as we locked lips and slipped each other tongue.

I had envisioned everyone slowly removing off each others' clothes, and so I was a bit surprised when suddenly everyone stopped kissing and started stripping down. I didn't want to interrupt their natural flow though, and so I took off my clothes with them. I theorized that if everyone did what came naturally to them, the orgy would be a lot hotter than if I constantly stopped to give directions.

Was I right? Certainly everything started out pretty intensely. If I remember correctly, Alexi #4 and his boyfriend Dima #3 were making out, Alexi #3 was climbing all over me, Nikita and Misha had paired up, and Andre was slipping tongue to Artyom. It didn't stay like this for long. Pretty soon everyone started swapping partners and kissing each other.

Or at least we tried to. The bashful boy, Alexi #4, preferred to stay very close to Dima, his boyfriend. And anytime I stopped paying attention to Alexi #3 (henceforth little Alexi), he followed me like a little puppy dog and started touching me again. And Nikita and Misha were pretty hot for each other.

At one point I remember little Alexi suddenly appearing out of nowhere, dropping to his knees, and beginning to suck on me. After a few minutes I pulled away to move on to someone else (gotta keep that orgy rotating!), only to have him grab me from behind, turn my head, and start kissing me. The kid knew what he wanted, and it was me!

I had some pretty intense mixed feelings about this. On one hand I had an orgy to film and I knew I needed to keep everyone circulating and rotating. On the other hand I was extremely attracted to him and really liked being around him. I was attracted to all of the boys, but him in particular stood out in my mind. Was it because he was so into me? I really have no idea why he was so taken with me. The other boys were far closer to his age and were definitely more thin and toned than I was. Yet he ignored them (including his boyfriend!) and kept making the moves on me. It made for a rather amusing situation.

And so I spent a lot of time during the orgy with little Alexi. I tried not to spend too much time with him though, as I didn't want to cause any inadvertent hard feelings with Andre. Actually I had some hard feelings of my own for him. Andre was pretty dang sexy and I really liked making out with him too. What can I say? I was having fun!

If the truth be known, I don't remember everything that happened. It was so hard to keep track of everything. I couldn't very well stop to take notes, and my still cameras had both run out of juice in their batteries. Talk about abominable luck! I did get my still camera to take a few pictures, but I won't have those developed for a while more.

I do remember stopping everyone at one point so we could do something fun. I had a vision of having all seven guys lined up in a row, kneeling down on the bed with their butts in the air. I thought it would be great to move down the line with Timo rimming their butts on one side, and me having them suck me on the other. I'd have handed the camera to Maxim while we did that.

Unfortunately that didn't work out. I made my first mistake of the day as a director. Nikita spoke up (with Maxim translating) that he didn't like having his butt rimmed. Instead of pointing out that I was tipping him to be a good sport, I asked if anyone else didn't like it. Two other boys responded. So now I was faced with the choice of either pushing the three boys to go through with it, or changing the agenda. So I scrapped the rim scene and had did something else.

As I said, big mistake. Timo and I talked about it later, and he pointed out to me that I'm the director, and that I wasn't asking them to do anything that was seriously over the line. For example, pressuring a total top to get fucked. All they had to do was kneel down and get rimmed, something that hardly took any energy on their part. If they didn't like it Timo could have done a quick job on them and moved on to the next person. I should have brought up the tip issue and offered to let him not be rimmed if he was willing to give up the extra 20% tip. But I didn't. Coming from an escort background, I'm used to never pressuring the limits of my clients. If they don't want to do something, I don't do it. I needed to learn that the relationship between a director and actor was different from that of an escort and client. Putting pressure on a model is ethical and permisable, as long as the model still has the right to say no, and as long as it is not something that is clearly in violation of what the model wants to do.

Got that? The moral of the story being that I learned a valuable lesson in directing porn. That's why I like hanging out with Timo. Including the videos on this trip, I have directed 17 movies. Timo has directed well over 50. Every time I think I know it all I need to remember that I still have a lot left to learn.

And so we skipped the big rim line (I'll film that next time I do an orgy video), and I called for a volunteer. I got a lot of very amused and wary looks from the boys, but after a few moments Misha volunteered. So I put him in the middle of the... couch-ish thing we were having sex on, and the rest of us gathered around him to service him all at once. Misha's eyes really lit up when he realized he was going to have seven hot guys sucking, licking, rubbing, kissing, and generally servicing him at the same time. I asked him once if he was enjoying himself, and boy did he say yes. : )

After a bit of this I had four boys lay back on the touch parallel to each other, and the other four of us kneeled down between their legs. We began sucking on them in a giant row. After a couple of minutes we all rotated so we could suck each other. Well, some of us rotated. Alexi #4 was being shy again and requested that he stay with his boyfriend. I agreed, and they swapped places and kept sucking each other. I think his boyfriend was a tad irked. On one hand he wanted to keep Alexi there, but on the other hand Dima clearly wanted a bit more action.

I have to admit, I wonder if I did the right thing about not pushing the issue about Alexi needing to play with more guys at the orgy. I didn't want to push over his limits, and I've already admitted that I tend to not push them even where warranted. On the other hand he had agreed to be at an orgy, and that meant that he needed to play with more people. I suppose there is no right and wrong answer to this question. Only options and consequences.

And so the other three of us rotated around sucking on the other boys. If I recall correct, laying down where little Alexi, Nikita, Andre, and Dima. I enjoyed sucking on each of them. I especially liked sucking on Nikita, because I had spent so much
time hanging out with him and hadn't had any sort of sexual contact with him. I sucked on Nikita when it was his turn, and was amused to see a smile on his face and a quietly murmured "good." Wish I could have taken a picture of him at that instant. It's a memory to be treasured.

Perhaps predictably, when we all first got into this position to start sucking, little Alexi made sure he propped himself across from me so I'd have to start by servicing him. That meant when we all rotated around, eventually I came back to him. He beamed at my attention, and seemed very happy to have me near him again.

Of course that didn't stop him from zooming out of the room when I called a break. As much as these boys love sex, a smoker's first love is to an open pack of cigarettes. And so a handful of them zoomed out to the kitchen to smoke. The rest of us waited for them to return, while Timo collapsed into a nearby chair. He was exhausted. Filming is considerably more difficult than you might think. Especially when working with eight amateur actors at once in a small room. You want to capture so many exciting bits of footage, and it's impossible to film everything at once. Next time we may use two cameras instead of just one.

When the boys came back we started in again. We had over an hour of footage and so it was time to begin the fucking. The prior pairings immediately came back. Dima and Alexi #4 hooked up, Misha made a beeline for Nikita and bent over in front of him, and little Alexi appeared out of nowhere and began sucking on me again. That left Andre and Artyom paired up together. I'll be really curious on the video to see what their chemistry was like. I really don't know if they were hot for each other, or if they were paired together for lack of anyone else. Either way, they seemed to manage just fine.

And so everyone began fucking. I slipped on a condom and slipped into little Alexi. Damn he was good! I have rarely fucked such a light and lithe body. He was everyone I ever wanted to have sex with when I was a kid, but wasn't able to because my folks knew I was gay and put me under de facto marshal law. And best of all, there was an amazing chemistry between us. Not only did were we attracted to each other, we genuinely liked each other. A lot! And so I laid him back across a heavily padded chair (loveseat of some sort?) and slowly slid in and out of him. Awesome.

While the other boys played with each other, I fucked him in several positions. Laying on his back, standing, and kneeling. Finally I realized just how light he was, and I picked him up in the air with my dick still in his ass. Timo instantly zoomed the camera on me, and I began walking around the room fucking him as I held him up. I leaned his shoulders back against a wall and pounded him hard. He absolutely loved it, and the two of us really go into it. Eventually I carried him back and laid him down on the giant couch-like thing that everyone else was having sex on. It was hot - eight guys all paired up going at it on the couch.

Now about this time I wanted to start rotating the pairings again, but little Alexi wouldn't have any of it. Every time I started to move away he grabbed me, locked his lips, and pulled me back. I have to admit my desire finally got the best of me. I thought "fuck it" about the orgy, and really got into having sex with him. And thus the orgy spent quite a while with four good pairings.

Finally I "came to" and pulled out of Alexi. The boys who were getting fucked needed a break. We stopped filming for a few minutes, and when they came back I told them we were ready to start on the cumshots. I told them they could cum however they wanted, as long as they were cumming on each other and as long as I came last. I had a special idea for my cumshot that I thought would make for a great ending to the trip.

I remember laying back on the floor with several of the boys standing above me. Andre fucked me for a while as I sucked on little Alexi. Artyom was there too with my hands rubbing up and down his legs. (He didn't like his balls touched - he found that distracting). Eventually little Alexi jacked off all over my face. He shot quite a load on me! The boys didn't let me up though, and Artyom and Andre eventually came all over my chest and crotch respectively. VERY hot.

Meanwhile Nikita had plowed Misha until the two of them came. (Or did Misha come over and cum on me? Egads I can't remember!) Alexi #4 and Dima both came on each other. I didn't see that happen, but Timo tells me it came out looking great on film, and the two made what Timo thought was the most photogenic pairing of any 1-on-1's I filmed on any of my scenes in Russia.

Finally it was my turn. I wiped the cum off me (that which hadn't dried, that is!), and laid down on the couch. The seven boys all gathered on one side of me so Timo could film a wide shot of me beating off while seven boys all rubbed their hands on me. Little Alexi had laid down next to me and was passionate kissing me. The other 12 hands were rubbing my legs, my balls, my stomach, my chest, and my hair. It was absolutely fantastic. Had my camera had any juice left in it I'd have had Maxim snapping as many pictures as possible. It was incredibly hot for me to watch them around me. I can only imagine what it was like for the camera.

Eventually I couldn't hold back and I began to shoot all over myself. Having seven gorgeous young men around me was just too much to resist. As if I'd have wanted to!

And so the orgy came to an end. I gave a final farewell to the camera, and the boys all said their goodbyes. It had been an absolutely incredible experience. I was covered with cum and couldn't be happier.

Of course, since I had all the cum on me that meant I was the last to be able to use the bathroom. All seven of the boys zoomed off and hogged it for a good thirty minutes before I could clean up. A nearby towel on the floor provided some help in getting the sticky juice off me, but it was pretty sticky by now anyway. Still, if I'm going to suffer in life, this is how I want it to be.

Eventually I did clean up and take care of the business side of things with the boys. The orgy had gone in some unpredictable directions, but I was pleased with how it had turned out. If nothing else, the sex alone might have been worth the money. It had been fantastic!

I found Timo collapsed in the hallway trying to get his strength back. Futilely, I realized. It was going to be gone until he got home and slept in his own bed for a few days. We talked for a few minutes but he said he needed to be left alone. Fair enough - I had driven him for 12 days and now he was crashing.

I walked back in and found Maxim. Though his translation, I had him invite Andre and little Alexi to dinner. Alexi had certainly intrigued me, and I knew Timo was very attracted to Andre. It would make for a nice conversation, especially since we were going out to a Ukrainian restaurant. They were both Ukrainian, so I was sure they'd have some interesting things to say over dinner.

As it turns out, Maxim was too tired to translate much. 12 days of work had taken its toll on him as well. That was okay. Nonverbal communication can sometimes say even more. If done correctly, that is. I tried to play footsie with Alexi once and got a rather amused look from Nikita. It seems I managed to hit on the wrong person. Oops!

Eventually the evening came to an end and Timo and I went back to the hotel. Timo had a headache (he'd had one for several days - stress, I suspect), and we both needed to sleep. Morning would come early, and we had to meet Maxim downstairs at 4:30am in order to get to the airport and catch our flight on time.

Score: We win! ; ) I filmed 16 scenes (4 videos worth) and a special orgy video. Timo had filmed three scenes and was happy with that.

- The flight home
- We sneak our tapes through both Russian and American customs
- Some final thoughts on how everything went.


PS, Don't forget, you can preorder the videos here --->
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