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Message Board > Cruising for Sex: USA > Arizona   Driving Laughlin, NV to PHX, AZ rest areas today!

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Old 16th August 2015, 10:34 AM
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Wink Driving Laughlin, NV to PHX, AZ rest areas today!

I'm driving from Laughlin, NV, (about 90 min south of Las Vegas)bro Phoenix Arizona. Most likely going to take the longer route to I10 so that I can stop at a few rest areas to either jock off while you listen or suck dick or whatever. I'm super horny and am Looking for dudes 18-35 only slim white or Latinos and are cut. Interested in a meet up? Into PNP and exhibition or oublic mutual JO. Let's play boys.
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Old 14th May 2016, 02:35 AM
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Looking for Mature Top Men, Married especially, to follow me back into the woods go off the main trails and pull out their cocks so I can suck them to full throbbing erection so they will then bend me over spread my long legs and slowly open my ky lubed man pussy with their throbbing tools of lust and then slide it ALL of the way up INSIDE of my Virgin Tight, rhythmically squeezing Sex Hole, so I could FEEL the moment his Cum Filled Balls Explode every last Hot creamy drop of his Baby Making Seeds of Lust inside of my ASS! Cum Filled Condoms should be Peeled off while Cock is being slowly withdrawn from my Man Hole and pushed up into me forcing me to be your Cum Dripping Bitch!
Post your favorite places times to meet and Fuck me!
Reciprocation is not in the least necessary and I prefer to get off after 3 or more loads of Cum are already inside of me!
Free Real Sex Only, Please?!

Today 070606 AM 3 Men Followed me along the Northern Most Trails at the Free (No Pass) Parking area Just past mile marker 22 on Bush Hwy 3.3 miles north of 202 at Power Road. The first one was a gray haired married man in white shirt blue shorts who was rubbing a thick tool in his shorts, as I was smoking a long white femmale cigarette, I smiled at him and licked my lips deliciously then turned away from him and bent myself over and ground my buns into his swollen groin when he moved up behind me. His cock got really hard then so I said "Follow me away from this trail where we will have a shady softly padded Private place for You to Pump me FULL of your Creamy Loads of Baby Making CUM!" He had other plans, however...
He grabbed me around my waist and forced my long slender legs apart while his other hand pulled down my shorts, and then his own, and right there on the main trail that man forced me to bend over across a huge fallen tree trunk even as his NAKED 8 inch long by 2 inch thick Tool of Lust plunged ALL of the way up my Virgin Tightly Squeezing Pussy-Ass?! I started to beg for him to wait until we could find more privacy but he snapped a popper under my mouth and nose forcing me to inhale the RUSH making me super horny to be FUCKED full of his CUM!! He Buried his Thick Throbbing Tool of Human Lust and Demonik Desire ALL of the Way Up InSide of his Whore's Wet and Wantonly Willing PussyAss then began to thrust and pump his Bone Hard Dick repeatedly In Out & In Out until suddenly he seized me around my waist and his dick began spasming and spurting a massive load of Hot Creamy Cum!
As nervous as I was being on the main trail, I forced him to stay buried deep inside of me while milking his hairy balls of every last drop of his sticky semen was emptied up my Pussy-Ass! He grew hard while still pumping syrupy thick ropes of sperm laden creamy hot cum! I couldn't stop myself, I wanted every last drop of Baby Making Man Juice that he had to spurt ALL of the Way up inside of my tightly squeezing, now cum lubricated femmale fucking hole! He started pumping and pounding me even harder and deeper than before his first load of sperm. I suddenly had another mans Big Hispanic Cock being forced into my gasping mouth? Choking and Gagging upon a really Long Latino Love Pole, I managed to gasp out my needs. "Please Mister, don't waste your Baby Making Sperm in my Mouth?! Please Bury it up Inside of my PussyAss?! When he pulls out Plug me with Your Big Dick! Breed me as your Bitch In Heat! Knock me Up?! Yes! He's Cumming Again?!"
My First Married Man slowly removed his now limp and thoroughly satisfied Serpent of Sinful Lust, a ropy ribbon of thick, creamy Semen stretching back from my freshly fucked full of Sperm FemMale Fucking Hole, to the tip of his Manhood.
My next lover, also with a wedding ring on his Latino Hand, immediately forced me to bend over the tree trunk again, still on the main trail?!?!
My first lover broke another popper under my nose, just as the Head of my Hispanic Lovers Huge Dick spread my Man-Pussy wider than expected, then It was being forced deeper, and deeper, and I was being stretched wider and wider, the vapors of RUSH arousing me beyond the pain of this Monster Dicked Man? He Buried all 11inches X 3inches of his Huge Hispanic Hard-On ALL of the WAY Up InSiDe of my UnProtected, Virgin-Tightly SQUEEZING Femmale Fucking Hole?!?! Helpless beneath him...
"I am now Gonna Bare-Back FUCK your Sissy ASSHOLE full of my CUM, just like you asked! Now Ride my Dick, SLUT!"
He Buried every last thick throbbing inch of his naked cock all of the way up inside of my Virgin Tight, rhythmically squeezing, Semen Lubricated FemMale Fertile Fucking Hole! I began to pump and grind my deeply impaled man pussy, while reaching between my legs to gently massage his big hairy balls, milking him of Sperm even before he reaches climax and explosive ejaculation within my wet and wantonly willing Womb-Man-Hood to Breed Me & Conceive his Bastard Child of Lust and Desire!?!?
"Knock me up Mister! Please 'Rape' your Baby into me! Take your Slut, Breed your Bitch! Ohhh, Yes! I Feel You Pumping me Full of Baby Making CUM! Keep Fucking me, Mister? Don't Stop until Every last precious drop of your Sperm laden Semen is deposited deep inside of your Whore!?"
He kept right on Butt-Hole Fucking me full of his Jets of Boiling Hot Man Juice, thick pearly white rivulets leaking out of my Cock Stretched Pussy Ass, each time he withdrew all but the bulbous head of his gigantic cock, paused until I began to push myself eagerly towards his loins, then forcibly buried his Gargantuan Organ of Lust all of the way up my Cum Lubricated Pussy Ass, making me scream against his hand making me inhale even more of the RUSH my Mature married man, from earlier, held under my nose and mouth.
Faster, harder, deeper, he rammed his Semen Spurting Shaft drilling me deeper flooding me with Man Juice. I wanted More Men to Suck and then be Fucked Full of each of their Anonymous Baby Making Loads of Hot Creamy CUM!?!
Suddenly he Seized me around my waist impaling me fully upon his Cum Spurting Cock, hoisted me up off of the fallen tree and took off, carrying me further off of the main trail, hurrying along another fallen tree trunk, heading deeper into the woods, his Thick Tool of Tortuous Pleasure punching painfully against my Semen Dribbling Insides each time he stepped down. My Hispanic Captor hurriedly took me to a Tree Covered Glen, ducking us both down flat upon the grass, me spread-eagled, face down, beneath him, his Cock spasming and throbbing as his balls continued ejaculating syrupy streams of Sperm Infested Semen Deeply inside of his CUM Sluts Tight, Pussy Ass! Holding his hand over my mouth he whispered in my ear.
"I see Forest Rangers or Sheriffs Deputies coming down the main trail?!? I moved us quick to here, stay quiet and I will keep Slowly and Deeply Bare-Back Fucking your Pussy Ass full of my Baby Making CUM!?"
Pinned forcibly beneath him, my legs spread wide, his entire tool of Lust buried up to his Balls within my cock stretched, but squeezing rhythmically with my hot creamy virgin tight pussy-ass, I feared losing his entire load of Cum more than being discovered by Red Neck Straight Men with Guns, Batons, Tasers, Hand Cuffs and Badges...
My Second Lover kept slowly and quietly pumping his rock hard erection into and almost out of my now FIVE Loads of CUM lubricated FemMale Man Hungry Love Glove. Sounds of People moving around on the main trail kept me from screaming and begging for ALL of my Latino Married Mans Gushing Load of Baby Making Sperm... And then it Rammed past my Belly Button from the Inside, His Balls clenching as he Climaxed thoroughly and continuously, Ounces of Semen Blasting into my Unprotected Pussy Ass! SIX Sperm Loads InSide of Me?!
I reached back between my wide spread thighs, gently stroking and milking his hairy balls as he continued ejaculating his Man Juice deeply inside of my wet and wantonly willing womb. He lay on top of me for another twenty-two minutes, his slowly softening organ of Lust buried deeply as I used my love muscles to grip and squeeze his serpent of sin, trying to get him hard yet again...

{to be continued... Want to Join In? Inside Me??}

{Continued Early Morning & Afternoon in the Woods}

Sadly, another Load of Baby-Making Man Cream wasn't available, his Grape-Fruit sized hairy brown skinned Balls were utterly EMPTY of Semen!?!?
I watched him get dressed and quietly leave by way of the fallen tree trunk, back to the main trail where I watched him light up a cigarette then make a suspiciously surreptitious call upon a cell phone... I decided that I should quickly gather up my belongings and quietly head further back towards a hidden glen I had planned on bringing my first Stud to... I ducked under an overhang of trees and grass, hunching over to enter the darkly tree shadowed tunnel. Walking onwards I followed the twists, forks, branches and turns until I stepped upon a raised mound of dried river mud.

Originally Posted by Justynto31 View Post
I'm driving from Laughlin, NV, (about 90 min south of Las Vegas)bro Phoenix Arizona. Most likely going to take the longer route to I10 so that I can stop at a few rest areas to either jock off while you listen or suck dick or whatever. I'm super horny and am Looking for dudes 18-35 only slim white or Latinos and are cut. Interested in a meet up? Into PNP and exhibition or oublic mutual JO. Let's play boys.
I deleted parts of your post, just as with your other post. Guys should contact you through your CFS Member Profile Page.

Also repeating posts on different discussion threads of the Message Board is akin to SPAM. Please don't do it again without permission. ~ Bob S. Manager/Editor

Last edited by infopop; 15th May 2016 at 03:33 PM.
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