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Old 13th June 2008, 11:13 AM
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Talking Dominican Republic - tips for cruisers

Hey guys, I just returned from the Dominican Republic and had a great time. I wanted to provide a few tips for anyone planning on going.

First, where to stay. I stayed in a place called Camilo House - if you do a search for gay Dominican Republic, you'll easily find it. Anthony rents apartments. It is gay owned and operated and there are no restrictions on visitors. He just warns that guests must be over 18 and was very serious about that, otherwise, anyone can come and go (and they did).

Apartments are fully furnished, and while not luxurious, for cruisers who want to pick up guys, they work very well.

For cruising, El Conde is a good place. If you go to Plaza Colon, or the cafe outside Hotel Mercurio, guys will seek you out. While they may not say it, they want money. Be aware of this. No matter how hot you think you are, as a tourist, you are seen as a source of income. They might go home with you and have great sex and then ask for money at the end. To avoid an uncomfortable situation, ask up front. For me the going rate was 1,000 pesos, and I got some really hot guys, big dicks, nice bodies. One guy asked for 2,000 after we finished, and he was not worth it - I learned the hard way to negotiate before ever bringing anyone back to my room. The last day I had a very hot young guy with a huge dick and a sweet bubble butt. He was great in bed and I was totally satisfied, so I gave him the 1,000 pesos he asked for plus 500.

I also hooked up with a guy who offered to show me around. I got a tour guide with a car plus sex. I paid him $50 a day. I wasn't even that interested in sex after the first few times, but he wanted it! He also took me to the airport and even made a typical Dominican breakfast for me one day. Very cute, very sweet and very reliable. If you want his info, let me know.

The Cine Lido is the place to go for free dick. An old musty movie theater that shows straight porn (a few clips that are repeated continuously). It is not air-conditioned and is VERY hot. Lots of hot guys with big dicks, many just wanting to get sucked. I met a few guys who wanted to fuck - one fucked me in the seats and then came back to my place. Free sex available here, but do be aware and watch yourself. I didn't have any problems, but if you carry lots of cash or wear jewelry, you might find yourself a target.

Santo Domingo is a sex pig's paradise, and an interesting place to visit as well. It helps if you can speak Spanish, not only to get to know people a little better but also to negotiate things. I will definitely be going back and would appreciate any tips from other cruisers who know the DR and have recommendations!

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Old 30th August 2009, 10:21 AM
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I just got back from 5 days in Santo Domingo, and completely agree with Rick265's assessment of the place--a sex pig's paradise, though for sure a bit dangerous if you get carried away with it all.
I used some of his advice, and also stayed at Camilo House. Highly recommend it for fun--there seems to be some security but not strictly enforced (that is the only thing I would have preferred)--though he was also very clear about any guys you bring back being over 18 years old. Fine with me, I'm more interested in slightly older guys anyway.
The place is bigger than a hotel room, with a proper separate bedroom, bath, and kitchen/living/dining area combined. There is a small safe in the bedroom closet, big enough for all your valuables except your computer--so maybe hide that if anyone comes over.

Please see my detailed post on the Cine Lido; my experiences were similar to, if not the same as, Rick265's there--it is really, really fun (but part of the reason you're worn out after a visit is because of the nice, big, 7-9" dicks you're sucking and getting fucked by, but the other reason is that it's AT LEAST 80-90 degrees inside, with no a/c or even fans, so you lose a lot of water in 3 hours there (whew!).

The only difference for me was that I met most of my guys on the internet, and was really clear (at least there) that I wasn't interested in Money Boys. Of course, some might say they're not and ask later, but of the 8 I met who came back to my place, none asked for anything other than the fact that they ALL wanted to fuck, and nobody had a very small dick--the smallest I saw was still bigger than mine, which is about 6.5". Most are in the 8" range, from what I saw.
So get your ass ready for a workout!
Finally, in terms of commercial sex, I enjoyed walking the Conde and was approached for sex a few times-but I didn't really spend much time just sitting and cruising for commercial sex--so in my 5 days, I was probably propositioned maybe 5 times (3 by the same huge, muscular black guy, who I was tempted by but to be honest, usually had just been fucked senseless so never was quite "ready" for what I assume would be his huge dick!)
In fact, of the guys I met online, about half had cars of their own, jobs, and families (!), so money wasn't an issue--twice I was taken out for lunch, in fact.
Still, even locals are dubious about the safety of SD and the DR--so it's an excellent idea to be VERY careful, and take no chances--no matter how horny you are. Rick265's thread detailing his nasty experience with the guy without ID is an excellent example. One guy I met online (whose profile said he was 19) was VERY keen to meet me--but after I said he needed ID (for two reasons--to prove he's 18+; and also, for my own security, I told everyone I met online that they would have to give their Cedula (ID) even though Camilo House doesn't require it for most visitors)--he had a very long, detailed reason for not having his--just came back from Italy, didn't have one, was waiting for it to be issued, etc... but I turned him down--thanks to Rick265's prior learning experience.
So, have fun, but BE CAREFUL and read Rick265's posts, too! I'd guess that the tourist resort areas--Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, etc--are much more $$ oriented, and every guy you meet on the street in SD will be the same. So internet (adam 4 adam was very active) and the Cine Lido seem to be the best for me.
The guys I met were passionate, and not just "lifeless tops" who want to fuck and go--in fact, most wanted to kiss, and my ass was eaten more times than it's been in the last 10 years!. Finally, most liked just laying in bed together after fucking just for fun--so it was a good experience all around.
I'll be back soon.
In good shape, tight hole, love to deep throat and get fucked by one or more. Come and get it, studs!
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Old 7th June 2018, 11:00 PM
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Thank you so much for all the great tips. I wonder how it is not in 2018. I was there ages ago and I can confirm Lido, the beaches and so many places to find men. Even on the buses before you get to your destination several were wanting to get into my pants. I would love to have a chauffeur take me around. Not sure if it is too long ago. Sigh.
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