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Old 27th September 2001, 09:35 PM
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Cool Entry Twenty: Missoula

Who could have predicted that Missoula would be the highlight of this road trip? Well, I suppose anyone who knows me is aware of my fondness for small cities and college towns. Missoula combines both in a very nice package. Surrounded on all sides by mountains, Missoula didn’t give up on it’s downtown. Local businesses and restaurants abound and because it is not on the radar screen for most tourists, it has avoided the curse of many similar-sized towns, quaintness. While we were in town, the locals were concerned about the possible ramifications of a national magazine article that had just proclaimed their town the best small city in America.

75,000 people live in this part of Montana, making it the second most populous area in the state. As home to the University of Montana it is also where all the state’s smart young men gravitate. Lots of urban life, but rural Montana is never far away so you’ll get a wide range of men coming here for a good time. Not large enough to support a sexclub or bathhouse, the bookstore scene is where one goes to connect. And what a great scene it is!

Our first night in town we visited Fantasy For Adults (210 East Main Street), located right in the heart of downtown, about midway between the club scene and the college campus. This large store was certainly one of the nicest bookstores I’ve visited in years. The staff was 2 young women who were having a big laugh because of the drama of the evening. They’d had to call the cops to remove a fellow who stripped naked and passed out in one of the booths, after repeatedly trying to wake him themselves. OK, so hearing that the cops had been in that night didn’t thrill me, but soon enough it was clear this was a cool place. As long as I didn’t go to sleep in one of their booths, I was welcome to play.

The front part of the store has all the usual retail stuff in an adult business including a very good selection of magazines and videos. You can enter the store from either Main Street, which was busy with spill over from the nearby Union Hall, a labor union meeting space/restaurant/bar/live music hall, or the rear which is ideal for guys who don’t want to be seen going in. If you enter from the rear, you’ll not pass the clerks but instead enter directly into the arcades. Two walkways with booths, there must have been 10 booths total. The last two booths at the end of each walkway have a management-drilled gloryhole. Each booth was working and showing a good selection of porn. About 8 guys were hanging out when we arrived and the average age was probably 25.

I did the loitering test and this place passed fine: no problem when standing around. But stand around was not what I wanted to do with all this young meat around. The mode of operation quickly became obvious. Guys would enter a room, leave the door unlocked and wait for someone to enter. I sucked 2 guys this way before a gloryhole booth became free. In no time, an incredibly handsome young, buffed man had entered the adjoining booth, unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to his knees. He toyed with me a bit, getting his cock hard and close to the hole, but not at the hole. My mouth waited as he toyed with my desires. Pretty soon he was pounding my mouth before I turned around and offered up my ass to which he gladly partook.

There are other bookstores, though this is the only downtown location. Fantasy for Adults offers another location (2611 Brooks Street), and nearby is the competition, People's Choice (2615 Brooks Street). I didn’t visit either, but Junior Cruisemaster did and suggested that the downtown store is the better choice. Apparently People’s Choice is a bit on the dumpy side.

Other options exist in this town including cruisy parks. I’m sure the campus must have some very active toilets though none have shown on in the Sex Listings yet. I’ve never seen a city with such an overwhelmingly young population. The crowd we saw on the streets at night were mostly college-age and younger. This is a friendly town with lots to see and do including an incredible amount of outdoor fun in the warmer weather. Missoula is a place I look forward to visiting again and again.
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Old 27th October 2001, 10:00 AM
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great to read your missoula message...i graduated from the U of M...was born in Butte...while i love living here in San Francisco, i do have fond memories of Montana...i do NOT miss the long and bitter winters but i sure do miss Missoula in May when the lilacs are in bloom...heaven on earth!
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Old 28th October 2001, 09:41 PM
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Yes I know that bookstore well. I was there at around 3am one morning on a weekend. There was not much action so I was watchim porn and jackin off in a booth with a peep hole. I heard some noise in the next booth and saw a eye on my cock. Next thing my door opened and a middle aged guy entered. I asked him how he was doing and he said he would be better with my cock in his mouth. I said that sounded good. He started suckin me deep. after awhile he asked to lick my ass, I had never done that, but it was late and I was horney so I said yes, I turned my ass to his face, he licked and teased my virgin asshole then slipped his toung up my hole. I never felt anything so nice. HE then turned me around and finshed deep throating me. I dropped my load into his waiting throat. Afterward he asked me for my name and told me he would do anything for me. I was nervious so i did not tell him. If you were that guy it was about 3 years ago in the winter. I was wearing a sheep skin fur coat` Message me or if you dig casual sex in the sf bay area conntact me peace G
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