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Old 26th February 2006, 09:04 PM
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Marvica on Soldiers

Copied from another post:

Soldiers in Mexico City

About soldiers in the Alameda Central in Mexico City: Typically, the soldiers will appear after 5 p.m., and are most noticeable between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Most will be wearing civilian clothes, not uniforms. Once you know the soldier haircut you'll spot the guys easily enough. Not just by the haircut, but by the dog-tags hanging beneath their shirts (with the chains showing above the shirt collar or visible between the open buttons). You can also tell them by their body type - tight.

The most likely place to find a soldier at the Alameda Central is at the corner of the park near the back of Bellas Artes, inside the Alameda, not across the street next to Bellas Artes itself. There is a large paved square with a fountain in the middle and a stairway leading to/from the subway below. Stand along the guardrailing around the stairs going down, off to the side of the stairs. Soldiers will be coming up the stairs from the subway, and will walk through the park. Sometimes they stand around the small square at that point talking to one another.

A second likely place to find them is at the exact opposite end of the park, closer to Paseo de la Reforma (along Avenida Hidalgo) - near the now-discontinued stairway leading up from the subway. Follow the same routine of observation and initiating eye contact, etc. - but instead of their walking up from the subway they'll be entering the small square and area from other parts of the park, or from outside the park itself.

During the daytime hours, you can sometimes meet a soldier, particularly Saturday and Sunday mid-afternoon. They'll be walking around, sitting on benches, etc. (some sitting alone - a sure sign they're looking for a hook-up).

There aren't soldiers in the Alameda Central every day. Most days, yes. But, there are times when the military is locked-down or engaged in special projects that fully occupy their time. During big national events such as elections, national holidays, etc., they're often on special police duty. But, immediately folling their absence - boy, are they horney, and out in force! Very few transient visitors will know when the good/bad times are, so it's partially a hit/miss proposition (more "hit" than "miss" IMO).

Remember that the cruising is done almost entirely with the eyes, and other body language. A soldier (or other person) interested will catch your eye, for a split second. If you catch his eye - nod, wink . . . whatever. But, don't immediately try to initiate more direct contact, certainly don't talk to him yet. Soldiers most often arrive in pairs, and they don't often want the "other" soldier with them to know of their playfulness. Soldiers are very perceptive, and notice the slightest thing.

If you're interested in what you see, follow behind - walking a hundred or so steps behind. Don't crowd him/them. If he's interested he'll stop somewhere along the way and sit, or stand. You do the same thing, a safe distance away - but not too far. Or walk by and, as discrete as possible, give some non-verbal sign of interest and sit down beyond him. If he's uninterested he'll move on rather quickly. If he glances your way, from time to time, he's interested. But this is just the beginning of the game.

Oftentimes, soldiers play hard to get. They're often in demand, and they know why other guys like them. They're like the unbroken stallion. It can take 30 or 40 minutes to actually make verbal contact with one of them and an hour to get back to the hotel - it's not typically a short/quick "Hello, let's fuck" encounter (an hour total, not 30-40 min. + 1 hr.). Although, I've come upon situations where we see, we acknowledge, we talk and we're back at my hotel in 30 minutes flat.

Few of the soldiers will speak English, and they'll often back away thinking they can't communicate with you. If you can't speak even basic Spanish don't waste your, or their, time. Some few people have the unusual ability to handle the communication problems (when they don't speak th elanguage), and make a connection, and have fun . . . but they're few and very far between, IMO.

Soldiers are also cautious of foreigners, especially Americans, because of the fear of contracting AIDS. They're knowledge on the topic is very limited, and incomplete. They're concerned about health issues, not wanting to come down ill with one thing or another. A foreigner who's neat and presentable, and well-mannered will be more successful than those who are not. So, the soldier will be giving you the "once over." They're also reluctant to be seen with someone who's obviously gay (i.e., the femme or nellie queen).

When you have one to talk to move quickly to "close the deal." They can be flighty, and bolt at a moment's notice. Other guys will likely be cruising the same soldiers at the same time you are - if they're reasonably handsome. So, "time is of the essence" if you want to be successful. I can't tell you how many times "he got away" because I procrastinated, just a minute or two.

This is not an endeavor for the timid or faint of heart. Think of it as a grand challenge, a game - with a wonderful first prize for winning!

Soldiers will want money to go with you. Partly because they earn a low pay and they have special at-the-moment material needs or they may want to go out on the town with a girl (or the guys) later that night and need money to do it. Money also gives them an excuse to justify to themselves (and any compadre who might see them with you) why they'll have sex with you. Many Mexican's use money to justify/hide their behavior.

The going rate in Mexico City for time with a soldier in November 2005 was between MX$200-$250 - aprox. US$25. He'll want you to confirm payment up front (ask him quietly so as not to draw attention from passers by) before he leaves for your hotel, but won't usually ask for the money up front. When they ask for money up front I walk away, never to look back. It's a sign to me that he's probably going to take the money and not deliver the goods once back at the room (they don't bolt and run with the money, they just go back and maybe let you suck them off and then they leave quickly). This is something I've learned by mistake/experience over a good number of years now.

Virtually every soldier will say he's "activo." And most will perform that way, if you want them to - and you let them. But, actually, I think 40%-50% are bisexual - "internacional" - are top or bottom (depending upon the partner at the moment). He may let you fuck him, but he won't kiss you or suck your cock. Somehow, he'll think kissing/sucking a guy means he's gay. Letting you stick your dick up his ass doesn't hold the same significance for him. Go figure. That's just part of the confusion you experience in Mexico. I encounter gay soldiers, but don't learn about their sexuality until the second or third time in bed with them.

Soldiers are, at first, very timid in bed. They attempt to analyze the scene and judge you and whether you'll try to do something they don't want to do. Most often, I find them worried that I'm going to fuck them. Remember, most don't play around with guys very often - it's an infrequent activity for them. So don't rush them, and don't fret that they're going to watch the clock or rush you. They'll be with you until the "deed is done." Don't attempt to kiss them on the mouth, and no fingers near the asshole - unless you're asked to do those things.

Soldiers are typically 18-25 years old and have awesomely lean/toned bodies. Particularly members of the infantry. And there are lots of infantry stationed in Mexico City (most “soldiers“ are gong to be from the Army, with some from the Marines). Like most guys with good bodies, they like theirs admired. Most I've encountered have average-sized dicks (6"), and they love to be sucked. But fucking you is what they'll want to do before too long . . . to reaffirm their "top" status as a man (and to shoot their load). They may be in bed with a guy . . . but they're "on top" - "activo". It's face saving, for their ego. If you have a girlie magazine around (why would you?), bring it out . . . they love to watch porno as they fuck you. And fuck they do - excellently.

If you're a top (as well as being a bottom) and you're lucky enough to get a soldier who's a bottom into bed, ride him for all he's worth. Soldiers are accustomed to discipline, "roughing it" and endurance. Ride him like there's no tomorrow - and he'll purr like a kitten.

After you're finished most like to shower. They'll let you shower with them, wash them, etc. They're very comfortable with their nice bodies. And, why not? So masculine they are, in an unassuming/innocent and assured way.

When they finish dressing hand them the money, saying it's a "gift." To go out on the town, to get something to eat, to buy some clothes. Again, it's all about saving face - about "being the man." They'll count it quickly and put it in their pants pocket and say thank you. Don't hug. A handshake or slap on the back will do fine (not a pat on the ass).

The best advice I can give, at the end of the day is that - like so many other things in life - practice makes perfect!

Last edited by Mavica on 2nd December 2005 at 10:10 PM
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