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Old 9th February 2010, 07:50 PM
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Wink Tex/Mex Sex

Many years ago, I was down near Mexico by the Tex/Mex border towns. I'm not sure of the area I was in, but I want to say Neuvo Progresso or something like that. The area was new to me, and hooking up there wasn't necessarily on my mind that day. I began to walk farther into town looking at shops and eateries, and noticed the shape of the building got just a little worse every block. Before long, I had decided my walk was taking nowhere, so I rounded a block to head back.

Around the corner, I noticed a small group of very feminine looking Mexican guys standing outside a bar. My dress was casual, but they were obviously dressed for fun. The group noticed me and began to smile as I rounded the corner, and that's when I heard a wolf whistle. Every part of my body tingled with excitement as I began to make up my mind to turn around and walk casually to the bar. My nerve worked itself in less than ten seconds. I crossed the street and moved towards the bar where they stood by. They smiled widely at me as I walked past them into the bar. A few of them follwed me in.

I ordered a beer and soon had them around me sitting on the stools and begn to make chit-chat. They knew instantly my Spanish wasn't any good, but they managed to speak in English for me. We had a few drinks, and I began to survey each one to see which I'd like to grab a room with. But our talking with one another seemed to hint that we might ALL end up together! Finally, I leaned forward to the more femme one in the group and asked if there was a place where we all could go. He nodded excitedly and said something in Spanish to the other two. We set our drinks down and followed "the leader" outside where we crossed the road to an unsightly building just a hundred feet away.

Entering, we adjourned up a flight of stairs until we reached a room where we went inside, the door closing behind us. It was obviously a hotel of some sorts, but I didn't question it. Almost immediately, everyone began to undress and get on the creaky spring mattress.

As soon as I kneeled onto the bed, all three of them grabbed for my cock and began stroking and jacking me while their hungry mouths licked and kissed it all over. It was an amazing sight! I could feel my knees get jittery and had to lean back as their hungry little mouths slurped away on my knob. Before long, one got up and wiggled his cock in front of my face. I opened my mouth as he jammed his small hard-on in. Sucking eagerly on his cock, I could feel tongues and hot spit swirling around my cockhead. It's any wonder why I didn't cum right there, but I wanted to enjoy it longer!

We eventually switched over to 69'ing with one another, and got to poke my heated prick into their buttholes one at a time. They would get on all fours as I pumped one for a few minutes, then would pull out to slide it into another ass. It went on like this for another fifteen minutes until I couldn't take it any longer. "I'm gonna cum!" I moaned and quickly leaned back while jerking myself off. The "leader" grabbed my boner and began jacking me off very fast, spitting on my cock. My hips bucked hard as I arched my back spurting ropes of hot cum all over his jekring hand.

After catching my breath, I began to wonder if they would want money from me since it felt like they were working as johns, but instead they got back into their clothes and exited out the door one at a time. I got a few winks from them as they left, but the entire experience had me hating myself for not cruising in Mexico a long time ago!
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