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Old 26th May 2012, 03:41 PM
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First Time Dallas

It was several years ago but….

My first week in Dallas. The beginning of the first of several extended work assignment here. I was staying in a hotel just off Stemmons and Storey Road. And I was seriously horney for cock.

I posted an ad on CFS's Community Stall Walls for "NSA BJ and Maybe More" and got a ton of replies. After a few back and forth emails with a likely prospect I sent him my location and room number. I waited for him in my usual bikini brief and button down shirt (unbuttoned down the front of course).

It worked out great, he showed up on time, walked in. pushed down his pants and boxers and I immediately dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth. I love to feel a cock getting hard in my mouth. I worked his cock for a while then invited him to sit on the sofa. He made his way to the sofa and still on my knees I helped him remove his shoes, pants and boxers. I pushed his knees apart and went to work on his now raging hard-on. I licked and sucked his cock, his balls and let my tongue wander down to his anus. I tried to vary the rhythm and the pressure to keep him going and really build up his pleasure. I knew he was getting close when he grabbed my head and pushed me down on his cock and began to hump my mouth. I kept my lips clamped tight on his shaft as he fucked my mouth. He groaned and the cum spurted into my willing throat. I swallowed and kept my lips clamped around his cock until he started to deflate. He cleaned up, dressed and left.

I went to my email and worked out another hook-up. Then after him a third and after him a fourth. They all went pretty much the same. I especially liked the "suited" black guy that just unzipped but otherwise stayed dressed for my service. I still wanted more and made another arrangement for 9:30PM.

It was after 10:30PM when I gave up on him. So I stripped off my shirt and bikinis and turned off the lights, ready to head for bed. Then came a knock at the door. I looked through the peephole to see a ruggedly handsome Hispanic guy. I don't normally answer the door in the buff but thought, "What the hell, he's hot." I opened the door and he stepped in.

He was pure "Cowboy". Big hat, coat with the piping on the yolk, big belt buckle, boots and tight jeans. He looked me up and down and smiled. He started to undress but I pushed his hands away, "Let me help." As I stripped him I went to the closet and got hangers for his Jacket and shirt. I particularly liked helping him off with his boots and socks. When I got him down to his skivvies I was surprised to see a shear white bikini brief. The bulge of his cock was enormous! I mouthed him through the thin material for a couple of minutes. It grew even more and tented out the bikini. I stood and lead him to the sofa, peeled down his briefs and marveled at the size of his cock. He laughed and sat down, "You like, Amigo?"

"Its fantastic!" I dove onto his cock. I did my best to get as much of his 9 inch (at least) fat cock in my mouth as I could. I worked him for 10 or 15 minutes slobbering over his lovely cock and balls. I kept pushing myself down on him to get as much in my greedy throat as possible but I kept gagging on its size. Then he pushed me off, "Lets go to the bed. I want to fuck you."

"We can't. I don't have a condom big enough for you."

"Its OK, I brought my own." I darted to the bed and tossed the Astroglide to him.

I waited on my hands and knees on the bed while he dug through his stuff for his condoms. My ass hole was quivering with excitement and expectation. A jolt went through me when the Astroglide hit my crack and dribbled down to my hole. I felt his fingers pushing into me then his knob tracing my crease.

"You're too tall, get down some." I spread my knees to lower my ass for him. "That’s good." I felt his cock head press against my quivering hole. He grasped my hips and pushed forward. My hole stretched open, I gasped and humped back into him. He held his position for a few seconds then pushed in more. I gasped again. He pulled back then pushed in again, this time a little more. He repeated this several times, each time I gasped he stopped. After multiple plunges I moaned. "I'm not in all the way yet." "Just do it!!"

He pulled back one more time and I cried out as his cock plunged into me. I felt his pubes and hips against my ass. He held his position, his huge cock buried in my ass as my body quivered from the sensations surging through me. When I stopped shaking he slowly withdrew and just as slowly pushed back into me. I moaned again. Then he began to seriously fuck me.

He was great!! He fucked me until we were both moaning and grunting in pleasure then he would stop and change our positions. He fucked me for an hour, changing positions every time he was close to cumming to delay the inevitable. Then he proclaimed he was going to cum, pulled out of my ass, crawled up my chest, pulled off the condom and shoved his cockhead into my mouth. He came a ton! I swallowed what I could and let the rest dribble down my cheeks.

We cuddled and talked for another hour before he left. He was the greatest fuck I've ever had.
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Old 6th June 2012, 03:59 AM
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hey want to meat up .got a rmate who is a top.only bt 45 miles me 903 209 8847
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