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Old 17th December 1999, 12:55 PM
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Cool Day One: El Centro, CA

Day 1: El Centro, California

Three hours into my trip, I've just entered Arizona and I've got the sweet taste of cum in my mouth. My kind of road trip.

It takes a little less than 2 hours to drive from San Diego to El Centro (111.5 miles or 179.4 km). A friend had urged me to visit over a year ago, but whenever I passed through this part of California I always went to Bargain Box in Yuma. With the fire that destroyed Bargain Box, now was the time to visit El Centro Books and Video. It was coming up on noon and I figured this could be the perfect time to do El Centro dick. And I was horny.

You exit I-8 onto Highway 86 and drive north. The store is on Main Street and at the time of my visit, it was the one street without a street sign. You'll drive about 2 miles down 86, come to a busy intersection with stop light and turn left. You'll be heading west -- downtown is directly in front. Covered, raised sidewalks -- you get the feeling Old West towns aren't simply a studio set on the lot at Warner Brothers. A sign says 'Book Store'. Park along the street and head in at 476 West Main Street.

When I first entered, it occurred to me this might be a mistake. I was looking at row upon row of Field & Stream, PC World and Esquire. Where are the blowup fuck dolls and the porn mags? Turns out this place is also a newsstand, and somewhat hidden in the corner is a saloon-style door with all the fun stuff. I headed on back, moseyed on up to the counter and the kind gentleman greeted me with a smile, "Well, hello young man!"

As he was changing my dollar bills into tokens, I asked, "You have a restroom back there I can use?"

"Nope. But you can just step out back and piss in the yard."

Heading to the open door that leads outside, I noticed another man who was already relieving himself against the wall. We made eye contact. Not smiling, just acknowledging each other and probably he was thinking, "New meat in town. " The guy must have been my age or close, Latino and judging from the calluses on his hands, a laborer. His brown jeans were dirty, his hair was unkempt, and his wedding band glistened against the high noon sunlight.

I emptied my pisser against another wall and headed back inside to find the arcade. There is a row of larger rooms that probably serve as preview rooms, and then further back, about 10 booths with relatively modern arcade equipment (at least modern compared to the now gone Bargain Box!). Selecting a booth at random, I latched the door, dropped a token and sat down to enjoy the film. Film quality is not the best, but the sudden activity from the next-door booth made me less concerned about the movie. Especially cause that booth and my own shared a gloryhole.

I see a face ducking down to see me through the hole. Taking that to mean he wants to suck me, I pony up to the hole and stick my hard cock through. But all he does is touch it a little and then let it go. Well, I suppose he doesn't want to service me -- fine by me, for sure. Especially cause I get down on my knees and look through the hole and find my Latino friend unbuckling his trousers to reveal a very erect cock with just a little bit of pee dripping on the end.

He slides in his head and lets me lick the pee away. Salty. But no further. I'm beginning to think maybe this hole isn't wide enough for him.

He pulls back out of the hole and is stroking his dick some more. About 30 seconds pass and he sticks it in again, but this time about half way (did I mention it was nice long 8 inches?).

Once again he pulls back out of the hole and goes back to playing with himself. Another 30 seconds and then he sticks the whole 8 inches into my mouth. Just a few short seconds pass and I get the sweet taste of his cum emptying in the back of my throat. This guy was holding back because he knew he was very close to shooting a load. I'm tempted to offer that it had something to do with Catholic guilt, but I'm so satisfied who really cares?

All I know is that 20 minutes earlier I was speeding down I-8 and now I'm getting up off my knees. With a load of cum for lunch.

There must have been about 5 other men in the place when I emerged. Average age, 65. So it isn't a paradise if you are looking for young Marines (like the Bargain Box could be), or buffed muscle guys from the ghetto. But if you are like me and have grown tired of all the non-sex that goes on in these similar stores in many cites, then El Centro could be worth a pull-over.

And speaking of cities with similar stores, next I visit Zorba's in Scottsdaleā€¦..

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Old 18th December 1999, 09:54 AM
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While in Phx, be sure to check out the Paradise Adult Boutique on Osborn and 2nd Ave. The theater there always has action. In my opinion, it is much better than Zorbas with much less attitude.
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