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Old 17th January 2000, 06:25 PM
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Day Thirteen & Fourteen: Orlando, Florida

I'm liking Parliament House. I've always enjoyed bathhouses and this is really nothing more than a glorified bath with maid service and a decent-sized, if dumpy, room. The boyfriend, on the other hand, has never really cared for baths and doesn't seem to have much good to say about our first night at P-House. Of course one great sexual encounter and he might change his attitude.

Horny now with the story I told him about the fuck from the guy with the ideal dick, he heads out to continue walking the balconies. I decide to take a break, already very happy from my fuck. Only a few minutes pass before the door opens and the boyfriend is leading in a very attractive young man. Well-defined body with nice pecs and firm ass, he also appears to be intoxicated. Not exactly being aggressive, this guy drops his pants and bounces back onto the bed, obviously expecting to be taken care of by the boyfriend. This is beyond submissive or passive -- this guy appears to be almost dead. But hey, looking at his body gives me a boner and I'm soon standing over him watching my boyfriend descend on the limp dick with his ever-skillful mouth and tongue. Not much reaction, though his dick does get hard. Raising his legs for a tongue lashing, and he almost comes to life. A few moans, it is clear this one wants to be fucked. Unfortunately the boyfriend is so turned off by the stud meat on our bed that he can't give the guy what his waiting asshole wants.

We try our best to salvage the scene, but Mr. Dull ain't offering any inspiration and a nice bod can only go so far. Not wishing to disappoint the boy entirely, my boyfriend gives him a first-rate rim job which leads Mr. Dull to stroke ever more fiercely and eventually give up his seed to his hairless, firm, tanned chest.

He is out in a couple minutes and we get in bed together to discuss our first night at Parliament House. You can still hear guys walking the balcony outside, but we fade into 'sleepsville'. That is until early morning, around 8 am, when the courtyard becomes a work space and all sorts of noise awakes the living dead.

I spend the day catching up on work. Aware that my audience is expecting a journal of this Road Trip, all the while wanting the rest of the site to continue, I always find these attempts to keep up while on the road rather futile and virtually every time I end up throwing up my hands and resigning myself to the fact I'm never able to pull off what I had hoped.

Day passes into night and the boyfriend is once again working the balcony. This time he brings in Bryan, an especially nice-looking redhead who is down in Orlando to work for a few months.

First thing out of his mouth as he enters to find me laying on the bed: "You don't get jealous?"

"Why should I? I'm gonna get to enjoy you myself."

With that, Bryan undresses to reveal a really nice-sized soft dick. He and the boyfriend are deep into kissing, rubbing up against each other. They end up laying on the bed next to me and the boyfriend makes a point to make certain I get involved. He works the cock with his tongue, making it grow way bigger than I would have thought possible.

"I want to fuck you with this dick."

The boyfriend is surprised that this is directed at himself. He never gets fucked -- or I should say, rarely. He did have other plans, mainly watching me get plowed, but before he can take charge, this Bryan has him down on his chest and is lubing up his raised ass

"Resistance is futile."

Bryan doesn't seem to believe the boyfriend when he says he needs to go slowly. He just plows right on inside and the boyfriend lets out a gasp.

"Really tight hole, man."

The boyfriend has a big grimace on his face. I've never had the chance to watch another man plow him so I'm moving around looking at all the angles. Watching that sheathed-covered dick going inside. Meanwhile, my boyfriend is starting to plead that Bryan go ahead and cum.

Well, I'm the one who shoots -- all over the bed between Bryan's legs as I watch from behind him that dick working its way in and out of the hole.

Bryan pulls out, removes the condom, and proceeds to add a few more strokes with his hand before splashing the lower back of the boyfriend.

Not bad for early in the night!

Bryan leaves and the two of us hit the road for some food. When we get back we head over to the nearby Full Moon Saloon to have a drink. It is not even half-a-block from P-House.

I pick up a copy of the local gay paper and read that P-House has just gone through a million dollar renovation.

"Exactly where did they spend that money?" I'm left to ask to no one in particular.

The article hints at future changes including plans to raze the next door trailer park which is on land owned by P-House and talk of building time-shares. Time-shares for a bathhouse? Now that is an unusual concept, but it occurs to me that maybe what this really signals is the decision by the new owner to de-sex the P-House. For the life of me, though, I can't figure who else other than horny cruisers would want to purchase a time-share in this seedy neighborhood. Gentrification has spared this end of Orange Blossom Trail.

Later tonight we'll be joined by a fellow visiting from New Jersey who tells me his wife and children are back at the Disney World resort complex while daddy explores his sexuality. He tells me he has never done this before with a guy, but his dick is rock hard and he seems to enjoy it when the boyfriend and I take turns servicing his cock.

The boyfriend asks him if he wants to fuck me so I bend over and the guy plows me. If I had any doubts he might be telling me a lie, it seems to resolve itself when he cums almost immediately. I rarely meet a gay man who cums that quickly, but guilt-ridden straight guys often drop a load in the time it takes just for my ass to get comfortable.

So what is to become of Parliament House? If the intention is to rob this Jersey closet case of his playground while the family are at Disney, it will be a sad day for cruisers. Somebody recently wrote on this website that the owner was claiming all that was changing was the tolerance for overt sexual expression (leaving of windows open with naked guys exposing themselves, etc). The owner hasn't bothered to explain (assuming this account is correct) why any gay man in his right mind would pay $52 to sleep in a dump when you could stay at Motel 6 for $39 and get a much nicer room. The only reason guys have been doing it for years is simple: sex. It isn't the close proximity of bars of Disney World or the lake in the back. It is sex. Hopefully our sources are wrong about the destiny of P-House.

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Old 21st January 2000, 08:13 AM
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Good to hear the p-house is as good as it used to be when I lived in O-town. You couldn't have put it better about the room rates and timeshare info! That is one of the worst parts of the city and the p-house should stay the way it is! Can't wait to hear what you have to say about your stop in st pete
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