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Old 19th December 1999, 11:24 AM
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Talking Day Three: Meteor City, AZ and Gallup, NM

Day Three: Meteor City, AZ and Gallup, NM

OK guys, I had no sex in Phoenix. Sorry. My friends and I spent all the time with each other and they don't cruise so it wasn't like we could work a trip in to see Chute or Zorba's. Then on Friday night I had scheduled meeting up with a hot local who wanted to 'thank' me in person for while also performing before my video cam and digital cam. We talked (really sexy, deep voice) set up a time and I was packing when disaster struck with my friends new computer and I just couldn't leave while he was unable to boot up his new toy (especially because I recommended the purchase). Maybe I can get back to my Phoenix guy and visit the sex spots when I drive back through next February.

So it is Saturday morning and I'm heading up I-17 going north for Flagstaff, enroute to Albuquerque. I pull over at the rest area that can sometimes be cruisy, walk into the toilet to relieve an overly full bladder and break out into laughter. Standing at the urinal taking a piss: Santa Claus! I walk up to the adjoining urinal, pull out my dick and start to pee, all the while looking over at Mr. Claus and smiling. He finishes, zips up and walks out the door with the bells around the fringe of his pant legs jingling away.

Now I've gotten onto I-40 driving east and again, feeling the call of nature, I pull in to the rest area at mile marker 235 (I believe the closest town is Meteor City). About 10 18-wheelers parked out front, a Toyota Tacoma with a 'Semper Fi' bumper sticker, and a couple of families taking a break outside their SUV's. One thing I can say for Arizona: the rest areas are really nice. They also are usually unattended -- a major bonus for us cruisers!

Well, I am here to report that a gloryhole -- a nice, large hole with padding to prevent cuts from the metal -- is now available between the two stalls in the men's room. Seeing the hole, I went to the smaller empty stall (the other was empty, too) because it also has a peephole overlooking the row of urinals.

You know what is going through my mind. I’m sure you've done it, too. "I'm on this trip and gotta be somewhere later today, but how can I just pass up this possible opportunity." So I agree with myself to sit there for 20 minutes, but no more -- assuming nothing happens. Well, something did happen.

First a guy walks in and heads to the urinal. He is apparently here just to pee so I refrain from looking through the peep any longer than it took for me to decide he wasn't a cruiser. He leaves. I hear more steps and somebody is entering that empty stall. My heart is racing. How to determine if this guy is a cruiser or just wanting to take a shit? It always helps, of course, if one is not soon smelling the odor of freshly passed turds. After a few, it became clear this man was sitting on the toilet bowl with no intention of shitting.

I look through the hole and see he is sporting a raging hardon. Not the biggest dick I've done, but more than enough to make this Cruisemaster very happy. I can also see his clothing and enough of his skin to make some judgements about the man I'm about to suck. First, he is wearing jeans and boots. Must be a local, a trucker or cowboy just passing through. His skin tone indicates a very firm body and the lack of blemishes or wrinkles leads me to think I've found myself a horny young man.

I place my finger on the rim of the hole and not 2 seconds of hesitation pass before this guy has lifted himself and positioned that dick through the glory. Cut dick, just like I prefer them. The slight smell of motor oil or gasoline -- he must be a trucker. Has anybody else noticed how so many young guys are getting into that profession these days?

Nobody enters the whole time. Maybe 10 minutes pass with me sucking on this cock, taking a break to lick his hairy balls -- a man who doesn't shave his balls. The head is starting to get purple as blood rushes forward. My tongue probing beneath his ball sack has put him over the edge. His load comes pushing out onto the floor below me. I take my mouth and force his dick inside, feeling the last of his spasm. And a few drops of cum dripping into my throat.

He pulls out, zips up and is gone really fast.

Time to head on down the road, but as I leave I wander to which truck did my cock head back. Where is he headed today? Or maybe he has just pulled in and wanted to relieve himself before taking an early afternoon nap.

I get in my car and return to I-40.

Shortly after crossing into New Mexico, I decide to drop by the West Gallup Arcade and see what might be happening. It is around 3:30 pm so I rather doubt much of anything, but at the very least I can locate better directions than what the Sex Listings indicate. I take the West Gallup exit and drive towards downtown about 2 miles. The store is on the left with a big sign on top, 'Old Route 66 Bookstore.' If motels and diners can cash in on the legendary Route 66, why not an adult bookstore?

The gentleman behind the counter smiles and greets me, changes my dollars to overly large one dollar tokens. The arcade, 10 booths, has 3 men busy in the far left side of the arcade. I figure, correctly, this is where the gloryholes must be. I wait my time until one of the booths becomes available, enter, drop one token and peer into the hole. I can't make out who, exactly, is on the other side, but I motion for his dick to come over to the hole. The guy complies and just as I'm about to mouth him, I smell the odor of body fluids of a kind I don't wish to share. "No thanks, buddy." Geez, I hate it when a guy doesn't care enough about a cocksucker to make certain his dick isn't covered in shit.

The token runs out and I decide it is best to leave. I've got a man lined up to meet tonight in Albuquerque whom I met through the Communal Stalls and don't want to waste another minute.

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