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Old 8th January 2001, 10:28 PM
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Originally posted by goico:
Sorry, whiners, but Keith and his moderators are 100% right. It's their baby and they can do what they choose (thank heavens). Those who don't like it do not have to participate. I don't get into the cruising/Oregon forum to read a bunch of posts about politics. You're tired of seeing posts about dick size or cruising spots? Tough! Go somewhere else. This is about sex.
Uh, yeah.. It IS about sex-- and more importantly it's about where we can FIND sex easily as well as about where we CAN'T find it anymore in places where we've grown rather accustomed to finding it. This is why the original and now deleted topic (to which I never contributed, but-- unlike our cruisemaster Keith-- I DID read) was so relevant. I don't live in Portland, but I visit there often. I consult this board for up-to-date information on where to find what I'm looking for. Now I know not to go expecting action at the Eagle, unless it's a drink of beer that I want.

In my opinion, Keith is only about 50% right, not 100%. Sure, this is site is a private business and its owner does have every right to decide AND to change his mind as to what he wants to allow here. But any business that wants to retain satisfied "customers" will try to live up to its "advertising". So I reviewed the "Rules, Policies, and Disclaimers" in the registration section. Perhaps the messages containing references to Hitler were considered by the moderator to be "defamatory". I would probably agree. Even THIS thread contains some of those as well. So how about just deleting the offending messages rather than the whole topic? (Ok, I see now the moderator's later comment that this course would have been too time-consuming.) I also checked the message board FAQ. Question: "Are there any censor features?" The answer says only that certain WORDS may be replaced by asterisks... (Perhaps "Hitler" should be one of those words.)

AND, if you look at how many replies THIS thread has been generating in such a short period of time, isn't this ample evidence of what WE "the customers" of this business think is relevant to the issue of CRUISING FOR SEX?? Yes, the police as well as the owners and managers of bars DO have some kind of role in this-- like it or not.