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Sex Listings: Problems With "Quick Search"

This is about the part of the Sex Listings search by location feature which is now labeled "Quick: Search listings within (5, 10, 25, 50, 100) miles of you." This is essentially a "geolocation search," which is what I'll call it below.

It seems that web browser updates that came through for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer starting around October 16 is sometimes disabling the programming I used for the geolocation search a few years ago. Keith had tested from the Mac and iPhone and I had tested with Windows, typically with the most common web browsers. We had seldom tested in Opera or other browsers because they were always a very small percentage of our users.

FWIW, the Mac I from Keith, the late founder of this site, is no longer operational and I don't have access to a Mac or any other iOS device with Safari right now.

If someone with a Mac and/or iPhone could read the following and reply with some feedback on this problem - do you have the problem, etc. - I'd be very grateful.

Originally, the geolocation search had worked on my Android phone and Keith's iPhone with no problems, although the results varied slightly if you had GPS and/or Location Services on or off.

On laptop and desktop web browsers, it generally had a pop-up dialog from the browser asking if you would share your location with the site. Wording varied, depending on your browser. You could share with the site for one time or for "always," allowing you not to have the pop-up dialog come back if you use the search more than once.

For me, it worked on October 17. When I checked it today, October 19 it did not work. I tried Chrome, Firefox, and IE and either the pop-up dialog did not appear or else it went by so quickly that I could not click on it.

For Chrome the geolocation search is still working without problems on my phone. However, on my laptop it did not work until I changed the "Settings" subsection to allow ALL SITES. I do not recommend this.

For Firefox the geolocation search did not work on my laptop and also no longer worked on my phone.

For Internet Explorer, the geolocation search did not work on my laptop.

I worked on this issue for several hours today but have not yet resolved it. I had to move on to other work and personal matters. My goal is to come up with a new version of the search that will work at least as good as it did before tomorrow, October 19.

I'm also aware that our current programming for this search on laptops and desktops uses geolocation data related to US Zip Codes. It does not have other countries in the dataset and even in the US is less accurate than the mobile search. I hope to improve the search by relying on a latitude/longitude calculation instead of the geo-zip one built into the program. That upgrade may take longer, or it may be part of the solution to this problem.

And finally, I'm know all too well of the larger problems using the site on mobile devices and the need to update software, design, etc. Unfortunately I am still in the "putting out fires" mode and there's a new fire every day.

If you have problems with the geolocation search that I haven't already mentioned, please reply below to let me know. That would be better than sending an email through the "contact info" link.

I will report back tomorrow on my progress.

Bob ~ Manager/Editor
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