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I've just updated the functions associated with the Quick Search so that they are now working on all of my browsers and platforms. This includes:
  • Windows, in my case 8.1 using the latest available versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer
  • Android, in my case Lollipop on Samsung, using the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox
As I've said before, I currently don't have access to any Mac or iOS devices. I have not heard from any Mac, iPhone, or iPad users about whether they've had the problem or not. If you have had it, I hope this resolves it for you -- so far.

I say "so far" and "my browsers" because I still have to update the database table used for geolocation. The functions locate me correctly near Houston, but they probably will not work accurately for everyone.

This work is not yet done. The update will help improve the Quick Search, but there will always be some IP addresses that will not resolve. However, it will include locations from many countries outside the US.

Bob S. ~ Manager/Editor
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