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Originally Posted by traderjohn View Post
Said "couldn't find my location". What can I do?
traderjohn, you're not doing anything wrong. It's a problem in the system that I need to fix.

I have a new copy of the database that matches IP addresses to locations. Unfortunately I have not yet had time to convert it to a format that I can load into the web site's database.

Even when can I do this, the results might not be accurate. Different web sites produce different results. For example, I am located in a suburb of Houston, Texas. Here are three web sites that claim to locate me:
  1. IP Location This actually gives locations from five different databases. Using my wi-fi, the first one, which is commonly used, places me in New Jersey, but without the latitude and longitude needed by our software. Two others place me in my suburb, but also without the latitude and longitude. Two give me a latitude and longitude, one in Houston and one in my suburb, both a few miles away.

    Using my phone, it places me in Louisiana unless I make sure the location service on my phone is on. You might check that.

  2. What Is My IP Address? This one gives only one result, but from my wi-fi it is not only the correct suburb but also the correct latitude and longitude. It shows my exact location on a MapQuest Map.

    Likewise, on my phone this one also places me in Louisiana unless the location service is turned on.

The data I'll be using is the best free one I can find, free because my budget is limited. I will update it as soon as I can but it's hard to put a date on that given competing priorities and emergencies.

My best advice is if you're on a mobile device make sure you're location service is on. If you're on a laptop or desktop you will be prompted to share your location. You have to agree or else the site won't be able to even try to locate you. In either case, the results are imperfect but they will be getting better.

Thanks for the feedback. So many people don't say anything, positive or negative, and it helps so much to hear from people what works and what doesn't. I'm very grateful for that.

Bob S. ~ Manager/Editor
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