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After a browser upgrade not long ago I noticed that when I visited the Sex Listings or the CFS Home Page it was no longer asking me if I wanted to "share my location."

I didn't have time to check this out then but I came back to it yesterday.

Sure enough, the "Quick Search" that relies on knowing where you're located is no longer working. I think this was caused by some recent set of security updates.

I assume this isn't just for me. If it does for anyone please let me know ASAP.

For me, this is happening on my laptop computer, my phone, and my tablet in all web browsers. It doesn't make a difference, even though it did work earlier in 2017.

Because I'm working on the upgrade to new software, I won't have time to fix the old "Quick Search" again, too. I'm sorry about that, but it's one more priority that has to fall behind while I focus on what's most important.

I cannot express how frustrating I find this. Yesterday I was fuming, pretty much at wit's end. Today I'm ready to carry on.

What does this mean for now?

As soon as I can -- among all the other things -- I'll remove the broken "Quick Search" from the upper section.

Searching for places close to you, wherever you are, is the heart of where I want the Sex Listings to be. You can be sure I'll be working even harder on the software upgrade now.

Bob S. ~ Manager/Editor
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