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I determined the reason why Quick Search isn't working is that last Fall the browser standards changed to require geolocation requests to be only on pages secured with an "https" connection. Since we don't have that at CFS right now, it caused the process to fail.

I'm adding this as one more requirement to resolve as part of the software upgrade, hopefully sooner rather than later.

It's also possible to guesstimate user locations based on the IP address cross-referenced to a zipcode table, but that's a bit muddier. Some of the databases I've seen to do that are close to 95% accurate, some are much worse. One I looked at insisted I was in eastern Kansas, another said I was in New Jersey. Several did find me within five miles of my actual Houston-area location.

Of course, all these "improvements" take both manpower and money. At the moment CFS has a cash-flow crunch, so I'm doing prep work in the meantime.
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