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Old 7th March 2010, 05:48 PM
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TBT spa in san bernardino

Can anyone give me a honest review who's actually been there? I've never been to any bath house before and not sure what to expect. Does everyone walk around nude? Help me out a little about what to do and when, where to do it. Is sex right out in the open.. any certain "etiquite" I should know about?
Thanks for taking the time, hope to see you there
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Old 9th March 2010, 09:33 AM
Join Date: Sep 2005
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Talking Sheesh! Alright already! -- LOL

Ok, so here's the deal:

Yes I have been there multiple times. Now mind you it has been about a year or so since I last was there. So, I can't say "exactly" what the current situation is; however I can give you some great tips, generalities, & answer some of your questions.

1) Yes it is (more or less) a bathhouse, in the sense that it has lockers, small rooms, porn, a hot tub, etc. -- & YES people walk around in either a loose towel or naked.
2) The synopsis is that in general when you have a look at what people have written about that establishment, it is for the most part all very accurate, & I agree that this place has a LONG way to go, it has some issues, & is not exactly a great "bath house". That goes for on this site, & the few others which list it. For now, just trust me! I know what I'm talking about!

[Fuck, where do I start?!--Creepy old grandma furniture, a bizarre yard-sale odd's-n-ends 'gym' (yeh like the guys want to use that shit when visiting) a brick'n'brack clutter feel, a breakfast "nook" w/ atrocious coffee decorated like a track house model home in Palmdale, circa 1987, & smelly couches that should ideally be like hosed off, but these are fabric nabbed from the dump behind 7-11 & are laden w/ God-knows-what DNA!]

-- Now I could go on & on about the particulars but I'll save that for when I have more energy. I've wanted to know what the fuck was up w/ this place just recently when I called to "see what I do when membership expires" & was happy to hear they're still open!!
(AND believe me, I wish all the bad press wasn't true! I'm rooting hard for this little shithole, cause I'd LOVE for it to succeed 'cause it's right here in my backyard!)

3) I DO NOT recommend this as your first newbie bath house tour of duty. (I'm sorry, it's true. -- & I think anyone else on here would agree)
4) I DO recommend you treat yourself to a "proper" 1st time experience, & drive a little further to Los Angeles to partake in any one of those establishments! (Now give or take, they all are roughly on par w/ one another)
*see below:
An L.A. club with a whole lot of history
Silverlake - 4424 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood Spa
Hollywood fun -- A boy magnet, & has spiral staircase w/ musical memorabilia & kitsch, & a DJ (I swear) A little too brightly lit for my taste!
Hollywood - 1650 Ivar Ave., Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood SpaŚNorth Hollywood
NoHo fun-- naughty, naughty!
North Hollywood - 5636 Vineland Ave., North Hollywood, CA

Melrose Spa

Home to "Bears & Bellies" and so much more. Kinda dirtiest of the bunch. Seen lots of good times tho! Also tore back trannies & street kids!-love it
Hollywood - 7269 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, LA

Midtowne Spa
Exhibitionist fun-- MY FAV. OF THE BUNCH-- I loved downtown b4 it was cool & all the gays thought I was INSANE to venture Downtown! LOL
Downtown - 615 Kohler St., Los Angeles, CA


Don't beat around the bush-- Hardcore. Popular w/ daddies, bears, bondage wanna-b's
Silverlake - 3688 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

The Zone LA
When the bars come up short-- Now this here is a no frills, pitch dark, it's a "sex club" not a bath house! We're talking no see & be seen, ...more like gang raped (willing of course) & hardcore sex-fiends & leather. Most extreme of all listed
Hollywood - 1037 N. Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles,

5) You'll know what to do, ...just follow everyone's lead! Sex, cruising, & other such activities is very obvious, blatant, rampant, & in your face. A very 'charged' atmosphere, w/ hungry-for-cock hounds everywhere you look! All shapes, types, w/everything in between. I've always felt you get out of it what you want! (kinda a metaphor for life, really)
You'll find what you're looking for, just use common sense & respect yourself. Treat others as you would want to be done & all will be fine!

PS) Stay tuned, ...I plan to invest some time in providing a detailed status report on good 'ol TBT sometime in the near future!

Good Luck!
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Old 9th March 2010, 11:49 PM
Join Date: Apr 2006
Posts: 25

TBT (Total Body Therapy) Spa is not perfect but it is a good place to go and unwind - in a towel or nude. If you are looking for something really nice don't expect to find it in L.A. either. If your focus is on decor then stay home and watch HGTV or Martha Stewart. It has a casual atmosphere with friendly staff where many guys actually talk to each other instead of acting like they are afraid to be spoken to. The rooms are much larger than other baths and some have sinks in them.

Yes, their gym equipment sucks but without it they couldn't qualify for the business license classification they have. Very few would go there to actually work out anyway. Parking is safe and convenient. I happen to like furniture that you can sit on and be comfortable instead of sitting on some vinyl covered slab that other baths call furniture. And no, it doesn't smell. I'm a frequent visitor and I wouldn't go back if I didn't like it.

It doesn't really matter if this is the first bath house you visit or the tenth. You're an adult - visit several and draw your own conclusions. If you like it, great. If not, drive an hour to L.A. I like most of L.A.'s baths too, and visit them to have some variety. TBT's 12-hour limit can come in handy, too, if you need it.
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Old 14th March 2010, 12:24 PM
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 17
Exclamation allow me to explain...

In response:

Sorry I can't help but feel I've somehow put you on the defensive here. Allow me if I may to clarify a few things. --
Lets also keep in mind the context in which I was writing, which was giving a first-timer who had never been a bathhouse before, any bathhouse, a head's up & a reality based assessment of the situation at hand.
In addition, please be aware that I am on TBT's side, that I appreciate what they're trying to do there, & I want more than anything for it to survive & prosper.


That being said;
* I suppose it is true that TBT would be a good place to unwind or relax, because it's usually a ghost town & you could as you said, be nude or in a towel & catch up on reading your book, ...but in reality who goes to a bathhouse/spa for that? If he wants just to be naked & chill out, he should spend his 45$ on a room at motel 6 & have at it.
* I never suggested LA's bathhouses because they were "nice". I suggested them because that is, like it or not, where the establishments exist & where they are on par & operate like any other bathhouse in any large North American city; that any modern bathhouse/spa goer would recognize & know what to expect. AND are full to capacity 24-7.
* My focus isn't on decor, it shouldn't be in the first place. The decor should not even be an issue, however TBT made it one I'm afraid. By selecting furniture, wall adornments, & the like that scream to be noticed for all the wrong reasons. They stand out like a sore thumb, & present a paradox where one might think that they're in granny's den or a rec-room at a junior college, instead of a spa or men's club.
* You're absolutely right about the friendly staff, I couldn't agree more. -- Also, yes the rooms are larger, & YES they do have sinks! This IS true & a bonus, I'll give ya that. AND ...furthermore, you are spot on about the parking too. I am in complete agreement that it sure beats a drive to LA on most occasions, & has many things going for it.
* I disagree though about the smelly sofa though. Now I never said the whole place smells! Quite on the contrary! It does not smell at all, & appears quite clean on most instances. I was referring to the TV room, or lounge, or whatever they call that main room, to the over stuffed floral-printed sofa ONLY & it's array of big 'ol pillows in particular.
* I'm glad you agree about the gym equipment, but this is not paramount to 'make or break' anyone's visit. I just noted because through a guest's eyes, it raises questions, looks odd, & makes you go "huh?" -- I didn't know about the licensing requirements at all, so since you explained that to me, it makes more sense.
* Finally, yes he will draw his own conclusions & is an adult. Strictly in my opinion, a person who has NEVER been to any bathhouse/spa before, I just didn't feel TBT was the right fit for a newbie & to get the "full experience" & he should try a more 'mainstream' place; that's all. (perhaps he'll love it, & I'm totally wrong!) Yes there's plenty of variety in the LA one's & I hope my sidelines about what goes on at each was reflective of the truth, & general consensus.
Please note again, that I'm not knocking or slamming TBT. They could do SO much more w/ the place & really exercise & maximize their strengths which believe it or not, are abundant. I look forward to presenting my suggestions soon when I submit a full TBT report soon on this site.


All my best, peace to all you cruisers & bath-goers!
Maybe that guy will visit both LA & TBT & report back his findings!!
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Old 9th May 2010, 09:43 PM
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Best days ?

Anyone know what the busiest days are if any there.
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