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Old 26th March 2005, 01:46 PM
Join Date: Jun 2004
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My unexpected experience at the Princess in Acapulco

Was staying there and around 7:00 went walking to the restaurant when I passed by this very hunky young worker pushing along a heavy cart. He looked and smiled. Well, they all look and smile and thought nothing. But turned around and so did he. Started to follow him--no need for dinner at the moment!-- and went into one of the restrooms. He came in and went to the urinal next to me. Took out his cock which was the biggest I have seen on any of the Mexican guys Ihave been with. He went into the john and I followed him in. I told him I had no money with me which was the truth and said he did not want any. Just wanted me to suck him which I eagerly did. This 20 year old named Julio came in buckets. I did not miss a drop. He stayed hard until I milked him dry. He wanted to meet me the next day and we did same place. Same thing--came fast and loved every moment. He asked if we could meet the next day and for some money. He asked for $5.00. I wold him I would give him $20. His eyes lit up. Man, if I could have brought him to my room I would have given him $50 and done a lot more to him. Loved to have eaten that hot ass of his. But damn! He did not show up. Realized we both were taking a chance but I know he loved the way I devoured that monster dick of his. I had to leave the next day. Hope he is around next year. If anyone goes and meets up with him--give him great head for me. You will not be disappointed.
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Old 3rd April 2005, 11:56 AM
Join Date: May 2004
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Similar fun in Mexico

I received an excellent massage from a young 20-something Mexican at a Marriott. He met me coming out of the massage room by asking "if there was anything else he could do". I kiddingly suggested he wash my back in the shower... and walked away with a snicker.

After getting some steam, spending some time in the jacuzzi, I ended up showering. The stalls are large with an entrance area that has a changing bench, and the shower is large with a bench and lots of room in it. It's deep and has a wall that you can't see the person showering if positioned the right way.

I'm showering and see a shadow at the door, followed by a knock. I answer all wet, nude, with a slightly erect cock and dripping soap subs. It's my handsome massage friend ! He asks "if I still need help with washing my back" and I stammer and invite him in.

Well it was blast. While the wife an kids are sunning by the pool, I'm in bliss with my Mexican adonis in the shower. He started by washing my back and working his way down to my ass. He scrubed it liberally, inserting a finger or two along the way.

Soon he slid his large member between my cheeks as he reached around and began stroking my swelling cock. He didn't penetrate me, but rubbed it slowly in my crack, making me horny as hell.

I turn around, and he drops to his knees and starts sucking. I back him up the the bench wher he sits and works my cock over. I soon kneel and suck his healthy thick 8" dark member. Like me, he's shaved and I lick his large hanging balls. He lifts his sack and leans back to let me rim him. In the clouds of the hot shower stream we're having some serious fun.

He reaches out and grabs the shampoo and uses it to lube my dick and his ass. Soon he's on the shower floor with his ankles on my shoulders and I drive my lathering cock into his waiting ass. I bust my nut and sit back in the hot flow of the shower.

Soon my legs are being lifted and he starts licking my ass. As the hot waters fall on our bodies, I roll over on my hands and knees as he rims me gently. Again he uses a shower gel to lube his fingers, his cock and my ass. Slowly he works his fingers in. One, then two, then three, soon I feel his cockhead sliding past my waiting asshole lips. He takes his time. Increasing his length of penetration, stroke by stroke he's deeper and deepr in my ass.

Enventually his balls are slapping my ass as he stiffens and blows a hot load into my waiting ass.

We finish by washing one another's bodies off, another mutual quick blow job and he leaves.

Man I love Mexico !
MWbiM for threesome w/married couple(s)
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